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Betula Lenta
Wild Harvested Canada

Birch’s sweet wintergreen fragrance supports sore muscles and imparts a cool freshness  instantly soothing and uplifting to the mind.
Price: $24.00
Zingiber Officinale
Organic India

Warming,stimulating, and revitalizing, organic ginger oil belongs in every apothecary as a superior supportive tonic for the body and mind.
Price: $24.00


Four lesser known oils with unique medicinal benefits.

Purchased Separately: $94
Price: $89.00
Sorbus aucuparia
Wild, Iceland

Folklore and tradition holds Rowan as a powerful and sacred tree said to cast a bright golden glow. It was called upon in times of need for protection and empowerment. Rowan is boldly decorated with clusters of bright red berries produced from delicate, and seemingly glowing, white flowers. The wild Rowan is found naturally only among birch trees, with a tendency to grow taller and extend past the canopy of the surrounding flora. Our Rowan flower essence was made in a magical place, the oldest and largest forest in Iceland. This Rowan tree watches over a huge glacial river where it is said that an ancient worm lives and protects the golden ring. Iceland's rich folklore is currently alive and well; we have heard that the worm was last seen a few months ago.
Price: $15.00
Pyrola minor
Wild Iceland

This Snowline Wintergreen with its white and pink bell-shaped flowers was found growing nestled among a bed of horsetail inside an old birch forest.  Frequently found in mountain snowbeds, this plant prefers to grow in woodland hollows and on slopes and hillsides. 

Snowline Wintergreen is a delicate and strikingly beautiful flower. This flower essence works to reduce stress by way of energetically flowing the Liver Qi. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Liver is responsible for the smooth flow of energy throughout the body. When the body's Qi or life-force is flowing properly, stress, imbalance and tension are reduced.
Price: $15.00
Geranium sylvaticum
Wild, Iceland

Our Wood Crane's Bill flower essence was made in a remote, beautiful and energetically powerful lava field in west Iceland. It helps us cultivate an inner sense of security and trust in life.
Price: $15.00