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In Search of the Medicine Buddha, by David Crow (paperback)

A colorful and captivating story of adventure, exploration, and self discovery, In Search of the Medicine Buddha transports readers into the life and work of David Crow and his teachers of medicine.
Price: $16.00


The Global Garden Collection contains one of each of David Crow's books: Plants that Heal, In Search of the Medicine Buddha, Sacred Smoke, and Travels with Hamid.

In this collection, In Search of the Medicine Buddha and Sacred Smoke are paperbacks, Plants that Heal and Travels with Hamid are eBooks. 

Regular Price: $52.99  Package Price: $49
Price: $49.00


The Global Garden Collection contains one of each of David Crow's books: Plants that Heal, In Search of the Medicine Buddha, Sacred Smoke and Travels with Hamid.

All books in this collection are paperbacks.
Price: $64.00


Available for download in pdf, mobi and epub file formats for reading on any device. 

This little book documents the travels of David and Sara Crow on their journey through Morocco in search of aromatic treasures.
Price: $4.99


This little book documents the travels of David and Sara Crow on their journey through Morocco in search of aromatic treasures.

Paperback version.
Price: $16.00
Lavandula Angustifolia
Wild Harvested France

Extremely exquisite and available in limited amounts, this oil is distilled from the hand-harvested flowers of high-altitude wild lavender growing in the mountains of Provence. Infused by its natural environment, it is rich in healing properties.
Price: $45.00
Wild Lavender Essential Oil.jpg
Tarchonanthus camphoratus
Wild Harvested, Kenya

Our wild harvested Leleshwa from Kenya is a potent purifier with cleansing and clearing powers for the body and mind.
Price: $36.00
Lavandula angustifolia
Organic France

A French cultivar of Lavendula angustifolia, the "Maillette" variety is one that master perfumers particularly prize. The sweet, gentle and charming aroma of  Maillette Lavender is wonderfully complex and full of life.
Price: $27.00
Jasminum Officinale v. Grandiflorum
Organic India

Intensely floral, supremely feminine and possessing an intoxicating sweetness, our dawn-blooming jasmine has complex aromatic depths reminiscent of romance and mystery.
Price: $75.00
Boswellia Rivae and Commiphora Myrrha
Wild Harvested Ethiopia

This essential oil co-distillation merges the warm, magical ancient-earth character of true myrrh oil with the heady balsamic note of a rare frankincense variety to produce an incomparably rich and satisfying blend.
Price: $45.00
Lavandula Angustifolia
Organic India

This Kashmiri Lavender is complex and sweet with wonderful calming and uplifting qualities.
Price: $22.00
Lavandula Angustifolia
Organic Bulgaria

A full and rich lavender oil with wonderful calming and uplifting qualities. Organically cultivated in Bulgaria.
Price: $23.00
Lavandula Angustifolia
Cultivated France

High-altitude French lavender, gathered in the clean mountain air of the French Alps, is considered the benchmark among all the varieties of this exquisite and versatile oil.
Price: $35.00
Jasminum Officinale v. Sambac
Organic India

Out of India comes this highest quality Night Blooming Jasmine. Sensual and euphoric, this oil lives fully up to its name, “The Queen of the Night," both for its nocturnal efflorescence and its power to encourage sensual moods.
Price: $75.00
Helichrysum italicum
Wild Harvested Corsica

Paramount among all healing oils in aromatherapy is Helichrysum italicum, also known as Everlasting and Immortelle.

Out of stock until October 2015.
Price: $120.00
 (Out of Stock)


Sacred Smoke by David Crow (paperback edition), an ethnobotanical adventure story of lives transformed by the inexplicable power of plant intelligence.
Price: $12.00


From internationally renowned author and teacher Dr. David Frawley, Soma: The Nectar Of Rejuvenation For Body And Mind is an audio course that will systematically guide you through special Yoga and Ayurveda Rejuvenation and Soma practices. This course will unfold for you how to develop your inner Soma, or power of bliss and rejuvenation, through which we can master our own brain chemistry and access a transformative intelligence beyond the conditioning of the mind.
Regular Price: $450  SALE: $295
Price: $295.00
Helichrysum Italicum
Wild Harvested Corsica

Tester Wild Corsican Helichrysum italicum

Limit 10 per customer. Not eligible for promotions or wholesale discount. Orders will be shipped beginning 9/17.
Price: $40.00
 (Out of Stock)
Rose-Geranium Co-distillation
Organic, South Africa

An intriguing and elegant alchemy of organic Damascus rose petals and organic geranium leaves, this rare co-distillation is custom-distilled in small batches and is an elixir of floral sensuality.
Price: $30.00


As a blend of rosehip seed oil and helichrysum oil, our Flower of the Sun Oil is extremely beneficial for the skin. The rosehip seed oil allows the helichrysum oil to deeply penetrate the skin, thereby infusing the skin with its nourishing properties.
Price: $35.50
Pogostemon cablin
Organic India

Floracopeia's Indian Patchouli has a unique lightness and delicate earthy notes that round out its soft, herbaceous and mildly spicy bouquet. Enjoy the heady aroma of this celebrated perfume of the ages.
Price: $25.00


Tester Size Little Angels Blend
Price: $5.00
 (Out of Stock)


Price: $25.00