About Floracopeia
Floracopeia was established by David Crow to promote the use of medicinal plants and high-value crops for grassroots healthcare, poverty alleviation, ecological benefits and the preservation of ethno-botanical wisdom. We provide our customers with the highest quality essential oils and other botanical aromatic treasures through our support of ecologically sustainable agricultural and agro-forestry projects.

Floracopeia was established to support these important goals:

1. To economically support and uplift ecologically-responsible farmers around the world by purchasing their high-quality aromatic products.

2. To support the preservation of forests by purchasing aromatic products from sustainable agroforestry projects.

3. To lower the cost of top-grade essential oils, attars, hydrosols, and natural perfume ingredients by bringing them directly from distillers to retail customers.

4. To provide education about the medicinal, ecological, economic, and spiritual benefits of medicinal and aromatic plants in the form of workshops, multi-media events, meditation retreats and publications.

5. To help preserve and promote traditional and indigenous ethno-botanical knowledge of medicinal and aromatic plants and their uses.

About FloracopeiaAbout Floracopeia