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Lavender Hydrosol

How to Use Lavender Hydrosol

  • As a Facial Mist & Toner: Generously mist on face, neck & décolletage after cleansing. It can be used anytime throughout the day. If you have dry skin, it is best to immediately apply one of our serums (while the face is still moist) to lock in moisture.
    Benefits: Lavender’s soothing gentle touch and aroma calms the mind and enhances skin health. This aromatic water soothes redness and irritation, purifies oily, teenage or troubled complexions, and renews dry, mature skin types.
  • As a Balancing Room Spray: Spray around any environment many times a day.
    Benefits: Purifies the air while calming the mind and uplifting the mood. Great for hyperactive kids (and adults).
  • Hibiscus Lavender Water Tea: Add 1 TBSP of our lavender hydrosol to your favorite herbal tea (one of ours is hibiscus-cold or hot) to enhance flavor, and bring in a purifying and calming action for the entire body. Honey may be added to taste.
  • As a Yoga Mat Spray: Spray on, leave on for 1 minute and wipe off. Refreshes and purifies stale mats.
    *Please test patch your particular mat first for compatibility.
  • As a Hot or Cold Compress: Saturate washcloth with ½ bottle cold hydrosol (refrigerated) OR warm to hot hydrosol (heated gently on the stove—watch carefully—don't over heat). Ring out. Fold washcloth flat and place on desired area. Leave on for 10 minutes or more. Repeat as often as desired.
    *Using more hydrosol for your compress or diluting it with water (up to ½) is also an option.
    Benefits: To cool heat, purify & speed healing to areas of need. Considered supportive for injured areas, womb (moon cycle discomfort, after birth or miscarriage), breasts, skin imbalances, cold/flu season discomfort (on forehead), etc.
  • As a Female Wash: Add contents of one bottle to a douche bulb. Hold rose water internally (in the vaginal canal, etc) for 10 minutes (or longer). Release. Can be done several times a day consecutively for several days until comfort is achieved.
    Benefits: Purifies & restores health when a woman is experiencing heat, irritation, itchiness, & imbalanced flora in the reproductive area. Best when used with other herbal therapies geared to address the root of the imbalance.

Perishable. Keep refrigerated.

Botanical Skin Care

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