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Aromatherapy Blending Kit

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Create unique perfumes and aromatherapy blends for body, bath and home apothecary with this versatile blending kit.

The Aromatherapy Blending Kit includes bottles, vials, caps, orifice reducers and pipettes at your creative disposal to unleash your inner aromatherapist. Immerse yourself in the hands-on laboratory of your own essential oil apothecary and see what custom aromatherapeutic fragrances await you.

Ready to dive into custom aromatherapy blending? Enjoy the rewarding experience of making your own unique mixes, equipped with all the tools you need to organize, create and store your custom aromatherapy blends.

Want some blending tips?

Use your pipette to extract a few drops of essential oil from one of your favorite Floracopeia bottles and add them to an empty dram vial. Use a fresh pipette to take a few drops of a second essential oil and add them to the same dram vial. Voila! You have just created your very own custom aromatherapy blend.

This blend can also then be transferred into a 1 oz. amber bottle filled with your preferred carrier oil (e.g. jojoba, coconut, marula, olive). This has now become a signature massage oil! You could also fill the 1 oz. bottle with a Floracopeia hydrosol to create your own facial/body toner.

When blending, keep a notebook so you can record how many drops of each essential oil you add to each blend. It can be easy to forget the exact steps your creative genius took creating your new signature perfume.

Start with two or three essential oils in a blend. Go slow and let your senses guide you. You can hold two bottles together and smell to see if you like them as a pair. Take notes on what worked and didn’t work for you.

After you are done with your blending session, hand wash the pipettes with warm soapy water. Make sure to air dry thoroughly so they are ready to go next time!

What's In the Box?

This Blending Kit includes four 1 oz. amber colored glass bottles with caps. These are the perfect size for holding massage oils, made by simply adding a few drops of your new custom essential oil blend to a carrier oil.

This kit also contains three amber colored dram (1/8oz) vials, as well as their caps and orifice reducers. An orifice reducer is a small plastic insert that fits inside the opening of a vial, dispensing just one drop of essential oil blend at a time--so you don’t accidentally pour your whole essential oil blend where only a few drops were needed! This kit also includes ten plastic pipettes that help you extract a few drops out of your essential oil bottles to add into one of the dram vials or amber bottles.

This Blending Kit Includes:

  • Four 1 oz. amber colored glass bottles
  • Four black caps for the 1 oz. amber bottles
  • Three ⅛ oz. (dram sized) amber colored glass vials
  • Three black baps for ⅛ oz. (dram sized) vials
  • Three orifice reducers for ⅛ oz. (dram sized) vials
  • Ten blending pipettes

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