Palo Santo Hydrosol

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Ethically wildcrafted from aged dead wood gathered in Ecuador, this is part of a mosaic of sustainability & sacred ceremony.

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About Palo Santo Hydrosol

A hydrosol is the aromatic water that is the byproduct of the steam distillation of essential oil. During the distillation process, the essential oil rises to the top of the hydrosol (cooled, condensed steam) which is full of the water-soluble plant aromatics.

How to Use Palo Santo Hydrosol

  • As a Meditation Enhancer: Use as an 'aura' spray, misting around yourself before yoga, meditation and spiritual practice.
    Benefits: This sacred scent has been used since time immemorial for enhancing spiritual practice, meditation and attracting good fortune. Grounds, calms the mind and enhances creativity.
  • Creativity Mist: Use as an 'aura' spray, misting around yourself throughout the day.
    Benefits: Both calms the nervous system and awakens mental faculties. Great for work spaces, and creative endeavors to stimulate a clear inspired mind.
  • How to Make a Hot or Cold Compress: Saturate washcloth with ½ bottle cold hydrosol (refrigerated) OR warm to hot hydrosol (heated gently on the stove—watch carefully—don't over heat). Ring out. Fold washcloth flat and place on desired area. Leave on for 10 minutes or more. Repeat as often as desired.
    *Using more hydrosol for your compress or diluting it with water (up to ½) is also an option.
    Benefits: To clear the lungs and support breathing.
  • As a Clearing Room Spray: Spray around any environment many times a day.
    Benefits: Enhances connection and uplifts the spirit. Purifies the air.
  • As a Yoga Mat Spray: Spray on, leave on for 1 minute and wipe off. Refreshes and purifies stale mats.
    *Please test patch your particular mat first for compatibility.

During the cold season, thermal packaging is included in hydrosol orders to keep the bottle from freezing and breaking.

Perishable. Keep refrigerated.

Bottle Size: 2 oz

Using Sacred Aromatic Plants for Meditation, Ceremony, & Ritual

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