Basic Incense Kit

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Get started in the enjoyable and ancient art of incense aromatics with this electric bowl burner and our fine frankincense resin.


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About the Basic Incense Kit

The art of incense aromatics will greatly enhance your experience of aromatherapy. Tap into a ceremonial tradition that spans our history: use our electric incense burner with a fine frankincense carterii tear to transform your living and working space into that of a temple.

The gift of sacred incense smoke is aromatherapy in one of the most traditional forms. Frankincense resin tears were offered as gifts to kings and queens. The smell of this intoxicating resin has the power to transform a mundane moment into that of high spirit. Incorporating the art of incense aromatics with this inspiring electric incense burner is truly a pleasure. There is no lighting of charcoals or scorching of resin, with a temperature dial you will create long lasting custom incense sessions in your home, office, studio, or ceremony space.

The Basic Incense Kit includes:

  • Electric Incense Burner
  • Frankincense carterii resin (50 g)

Tips for Usage: Most resins will start to burn at 210 degrees, but can also burn at full power, or 250 degrees. Allow the burner to heat up for a few minutes before placing your aromatics into the foil cup. For a unique experience you can powder your resin tears or agarwood with a mortar and pestle and add this powder to the foil cup. This will produce a lot of aroma quickly for a powerful way to begin a meditation or welcome guests. To reuse your foil cups, allow the resin residue to harden and then bend the tray around a bit until the dried resin crumbles and can be removed. Please use this on a heat proof surface and keep the cord safe from pets and children. The unit does not have an automatic shut off, so make sure to turn the dial to the off position or unplug when you are finished your incense session.

The Basic Incense Kit Details

Using the aromatic components of plants that heal us is the science of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy works on the mind and emotions when incense resins are slowly burned and their aromatic smoke is released. Incense aromatics is a traditional form of using sacred scents to alter our mind and outlook and purify our environment.

About the Electric Incense Burner

Add a new dimension of ease to the ancient art of incense aromatics. Nurture consciousness expansion while turning your home into a temple. Incorporate sacred resins and aromatic woods into your daily routine, using the ancient art of incense, and transform your home into a temple. Take a busy day and create a peaceful moment. Turn a chaotic home or office into a sanctuary. Resins and aromatic woods will purify atmospheric toxicity and elevate your consciousness with their precious aromas.

  • Ease of Use: This black and gold ceramic Incense Burner is very easy to use and assemble and comes to you beautifully packaged. The Electric Incense Burner adds a whole new dimension to the ancient art of incense aromatics. While previously you would have needed to ignite a charcoal, this practical device allows you to enjoy your resins, agarwood, and other aromatic woods with ease and enjoyment.
  • You control the temperature: Unlike a charcoal, which burns hot, the Electric Incense Burner has a temperature control dial so you choose how hot you would like to burn your precious incenses. What this means for you is that you can prolong the burn time of a tear of frankincense or your piece of palo santo. Lower burn temperatures equates to very little smoke and no scorching.
  • Custom Burn: While you are sitting with this device you will notice the ability to evenly burn your incense, and if you would like, you can turn the dial up or down to increase or decrease the amount of aroma. We find that resins have a superior burn with the controlled temperature, and do not burn too hot or quickly, eliminating a smoky experience.
  • Includes: Inside the box you will find the 4” ceramic burner with heating element (complete with thermostat temperature control), base and top, the metal resin tray, five reusable foil cup liners, as well as two tools to assist you--incense tongs and a small spoon.

A note on incense aromatics from David Crow: ❝Just as essential oils have top, middle and base notes that appear during the dryout phases, the same goes for incense. The fine lighter and sweeter top notes will come out in the first few minutes of burning, followed by heavier notes, and eventually only the base notes will remain. The base notes will be smokier and more unpleasant.❞

In regards to this electric bowl burner, there are ways to optimize usage: ❝If you use only the metal tray for burning, these base notes will be what will accumulate on the tray after a few uses. After two or three times, whenever someone puts a nice piece of resin or wood on the burner, the lighter and sweeter notes will be overshadowed with the smoky charcoal notes from the tar in the bottom. Therefore, to get the finest top and middle notes, one should use a clean foil cup each time, which also prevents the tedious work of trying to clean the burner. However, the cups do not need to be thrown out, as resins will form a residue that will simply fall out if the cup is bent around a little, something that cannot be done with the burner.❞

About Frankincense Carterii Resin

This frankincense resin is gathered in the traditional way by the tribal people of Somaliland. It has a rich and sweet fragrance. Frankincense resin tears are one of the world’s most precious ritualistic objects. To create an atmosphere of sacred worship the sweet, piney, terpenic fragrance of frankincense allows your mind to center and takes you to a place of connectedness. Burn Floracopeia's carterii frankincense resin in our electric incense burner.

An excerpt from David Crow’s article “The Ten Virtues of Incense”:

It brings communication with the transcendent.

Fragrant offerings to divinity have always been a major part of every devotional ceremony and ritual. A tear of frankincense melting in a censer; a stick of sandalwood on the altar; a sprinkling of white sage on rocks in a sweat lodge; a bowl of smoldering palo santo chips in an Andean curing ritual: these are the universal expressions of humanity's desire to communicate with spiritual realms.

But how does fragrance allow us to communicate with the transcendent? Does it form a bridge between the material and immaterial worlds, symbolized so perfectly by smoke rising into the air? Does it attract beneficent devic beings who love the fragrance, taste, and appearance of the offerings, nature's most beautiful creations? Does it affect our brain chemistry, creating higher states of mental clarity and sattvic emotions, thereby bringing us closer to the ineffable? Does it give substance to the prayers we utter, or external shape to our inner thoughts? These are all ways that people through the ages have explained the powers of using fragrance for communicating with the transcendent.

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