Bhutan Medicinals Collection

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The Bhutan Medicinals Collection contains three highly therapeutic essential oils from the Kingdom of Bhutan.  Unique oils that provide respiratory relief, sleep support, pain relief, skin support and more.

About the Bhutan Medicinals Collection

Highly medicinal oils harvested sustainably and supporting important projects in Bhutan.  Essential oils are the plant's protection agains their environment.  These exquisitely therapeutic oils are a result of the high altitude, pristine environment they come from.

Contains 3 1/2 oz Essential Oils: Bhutan cypress essential oil, black juniper essential oil, and Floracopeia's exclusive Three Nectars essential oil blend.

Bhutan Cypress Essential Oil

A unique species of cypress from Bhutan, use this versatile essential oil in any aromatherapy formulation to promote calm, deep sleep and hormonal balance as well as to expand the breath, clear the air and tone the skin.

Black Juniper Essential Oil

Black Juniper is distilled in the Kingdom of Bhutan from high altitude juniper trees.  This Black Juniper is considered to be superior in aroma to other juniper oils.  

A multifaceted essential oil that does it all — from easing indigestion, to helping you drift off to sleep, to tightening pores and reducing acne – this essential oils is a true botanical treasure that harnesses the natural healing properties of the black juniper leaf.

Three Nectars Essential Oil Blend

An exclusive blend of medicinal essential oils from Bhutan and Nepal.  Wild-harvested essential oils of Himalayan Juniper, Tibetan Tansy and Rhododendron combine to create a powerful pain-relieving blend that was inspired by traditional medicinal bath treatments common in hospitals in Bhutan.  This blend must always be diluted before use.


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