A Gift Of Five-Thousand Roses

February 3, 2011

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How hundreds of Floracopeia customers are giving their lovers 5,000 Valentine's roses: Consider this....It takes 1,400,000 handpicked rose blossoms to produce just 35 ounces of rose oil. It takes 40,000 blossoms to make 1 ounce of oil. It takes 67 blossoms to make 1 drop of oil (600 drops in an ounce). Therefore, to make one single dram of rose oil, it requires approximately 5,000 roses. How about that for a Valentine's day gift? Although it may seem like a far stretch to compare a small bottle of the rose oil to 5,000 roses, that is essentially what you are receiving (no pun intended). In addition, there is something magical about the distilled oil of rose that is not necessarily present in the picked rose buds themselves. To create this renowned treasure sought by perfumers throughout the world, a sophisticated and profound alchemy is required: " Roses, like all flowers, have a biorhythm that dictates their cycles of blossoming and production of fragrance molecules. The harvesting of roses for distillation begins in the early dawn at the time the Vedas call Brahma muhurta, God's time, as the peak production of oil in the petals is in these pre-dawn hours. Roses produce their maximum levels of damascenone, the primary molecule of rose fragrance, on the mornings of the full moon. Ayurveda observes that the full moon radiates a special kind of energy, called soma, which is said to have a cooling, nourishing, and relaxing effect on the mind and body. It is fascinating to consider the biological connections between the cooling influence of the moon's rays, the biorhythmic production of damascenone molecules in roses according to the moon, and the effects of rose oil, which, like soma, are cooling and relaxing to the mind and body." -David Crow So while the fragrance of that beautiful bouquet of roses will be long gone in a few short days, this small bottle of pure rose oil, the distilled essence of over five thousand roses, will last you a very long time. In fact, a small dram of  this rose perfume used regularly, lasts most people many months. Happy Valentine's Day Love, Floracopeia Please leave your Valentine's messages for us below :-)

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