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Aromatherapy for the Workweek

July 7, 2021

Aromatherapy for the Workweek

Aromatherapy for Work

What if you could be more productive and effective during your workday, with something as simple and enjoyable as a fragrance?

Aromatherapy is the practice of promoting health and wellbeing through the use of plant essences and incorporates their fragrances to balance and support mind, body, and spirit. We’re going to share some botanical workplace allies with you below, and tell you how you can up your professional game with these powerful essential oils and enjoyable aromatherapy practices.

Essential oils used for aromatherapy are bottled plant essences

Workplace Woes

If you work for eight or nine hours straight, you’re likely to experience some common setbacks during the workday:

  • wavering energy
  • lack of focus
  • drops in motivation
  • communication issues
  • dips in creativity
  • fatigue
  • burnout
  • irritation

In an eight or nine-hour period, our bodies go through a lot of physiological changes that can impact our moods, concentration levels, and energy. It’s natural, but can inhibit our productivity and feelings of satisfaction during work hours.

Sometimes we can’t ‘go with the natural flow’ and may have to fight through our body’s physiological phases. And on top of that, a lot can happen in a day, and responses to circumstances can instigate the same effects.

A gentle way to alleviate some of these stressors and difficulties during the workday is through organic aromatherapy. Using the right essential oils at the right time can induce motivation, energy, focus, clarity, confidence, and creativity when you need it most, making your workday more productive and satisfactory.

Man massages his hands using essential oils for aromatherapy

Essential Oils for Your Wandering Mind

We tend to be bright, mentally quick, and able to solve problems best in the morning. But when we experience concentration issues, which can happen any time during the day, it can derail timelines, projects, and our feelings of accomplishment.

Peppermint Essential Oil is a simple way to reclaim concentration and focus when you need it most.

Diffuse in your workspace, or rub a drop between your hands for palm inhalation. A few deep breaths of peppermint will clear your mind and get you back on the right track.

For a roll-on experience, try Focus Essential Oil Blend Roll-On. It blends Peppermint with Tulsi, Lavender, Rosemary, and Melissa, for a sweet uplifting pick-me-up, perfect in the afternoons when your focus is fading.

Woman rubs essential oils between her palms for aromatherapy

Essential Oils for that Creative Block

Blockages. Stuckness. Mental fogs.

When we lack creativity or get in a rut, we may feel like we aren’t bringing our best to our job. This can take a toll on our performance or our feelings of self-contribution. And it definitely doesn’t make the creative process come more easily.

To get ‘unstuck’ and experience more mental lucidity, try Clary Sage Essential Oil. It offers feelings of security, comfort, and tranquility, which can soften blockages and open up the flow of creativity and vision once again.

Vata Essential Oil Blend Roll-On, which includes Clary Sage, Palo Santo, and Rhu Khus is perfect for slowing down the fast pace of the workday, helping you go inwards to center, and tune out the bustling, overwhelming noise to rediscover your creativity.

women painting chair and diffusing essential oils

Essential Oils for Advocating for Your Ideas

Communication is important at work. But sometimes, it can be difficult. Especially if you are advocating for your own ideas, or having tough conversations.

We recommend Lavender Essential Oil, Kashmir to calm your spirit, reduce your anxieties, and ease your worried mind. It’s a secret weapon to easing conversation — when others are exposed, it will help them be more relaxed too!

Because of this, it’s recommended that you apply it topically. Use a carrier oil, like jojoba, and add a few dabs to your wrist and inner elbows. It smells wonderful, and its calming effects can help the conversation flow between participants with ease and comfort.

Try Pitta Essential Oil Blend Roll-On if you’re feeling quick to anger, irritable, or heated. It is also a subtle way to diffuse the irritability of others and can be a protective blend to wear to potentially heated conversations.

two women talking about essential oils

Essential Oils for that 3 PM Slump

Between 2 pm and 4 pm tends to be a period of lower energy. Oftentimes, a 20-minute nap will help with this, but if that’s not an option during the workday, reaching for some Red Grapefruit Essential Oil can help.

This energizing, juicy, sweet oil can be used for direct palm inhalation or diffused. It also makes a lovely scent to mix with a carrier oil and dab on your wrists or the insides of your elbows for a rejuvenating perfume.

It eases tension, balances overstimulated minds, and renews the spirit. In other words, it’s the perfect 3 pm aromatherapeutic treat!

Essential Oils for Collaborative Meetings

Got a big project you’re working on? Meeting for a work session? Be sure to bring along some Bergamot Essential Oil.

This essential oil is prized for its delicious, aromatic profile. It promotes feelings of ease and synergy in the workplace, fostering cooperation and clarity.

Direct palm inhalation is a wonderful way to enjoy Bergamot’s properties… plus, you can share the scent with your co-workers. But you can also diffuse it before your meeting to prepare for a collaborative working session.

 co-workers meet for a collaborative meeting

Essential oils have innumerable benefits for productivity, mood, mental clarity, emotional stability, creativity, social engagement, and more. Incorporating them into your workweek is an easy way to improve feelings of contribution, satisfaction, self-worth, and joy. Check out our always ethically sourced, organic essential oils for your aromatherapy practices that can enhance your workweek here.

And during our Aromatherapy Sale, adding aromatherapy into your workweek couldn’t be easier! Just use code Essential20 for 20% Off any of our diffusers, essential oils, or roll-ons before July 11. 

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