The Cabin Fever Guide

March 18, 2020

The Cabin Fever Guide

The reality of hunkering down has hit many of us now. The best thing we can do is surrender to the slower pace of life; beautify our homes, remember meditation rituals, and retreat into daily rhythms. The more centered we are, the better we can support our communities, even from afar. 

While you certainly don’t need botanicals in order to cultivate inner peace, these are some of our favorites for doing so. Make it your own, and substitute with what you already have where you want! Don’t forget to leave comments on your favorites for this extended personal retreat. And of course, support local businesses, purchase gift certificates for when this is all over, and tip delivery people well!


Forest Essential Oil Blend

We’ve been living on these fresh mountain-air aromas. These oils are supportive to the respiratory system, which we love, but they’re also simultaneously clarifying and centering to the mind. Diffusing conifers is especially excellent for folks who live in cities. And don’t forget to crack the window while you diffuse!


Legends Essential Oil Blend

Cleaning the surfaces in your home can be a meditative experience. We’ve got lots of time on our hands now so we can slow. it. down. Don’t worry about doing as much cleaning at once as you can, there’s time to make it joyful! We like to blend a 50/50 water and white vinegar mixture in a large spray bottle and add 15-30 drops of Legends. Some folks love cleaning with music, some like to do it in silence. Find your flow and commit to putting the social media down and cleaning up your space. It feels great no matter your technique!


Bergamot Essential Oil

A favorite citrus, this one’s tangy and peppery. Juicy but not

overly sweet. It’s mood lifting, which is important right now. It has a motivating, optimistic characteristic to help you move through the day with a sunny attitude. This aromatic captures the joy and spaciousness of the Italian countryside. La dolce vita to be sure!


Pure Space Mist

This is a quick fix for a stressed mind, heavy heart, or overexposure to screens. Mist your face, aura or space anytime you need a quick reset. The base is a palo santo hydrosol direct from our friends Dante and Liliana’s sustainable reforestation project in Ecuador. Floral essential oils add a sweet, uplifting whimsy. 


Rose Flower Essence Tincture

Something to sip on that tastes delicious, soothes nerves, and adds literal rosy lenses to your quality of life. Internal floral applications have the wonderful benefit of immediate mood shift and cumulative results. This one is nourishing and nurturing to your emotional and physical heart, something we can all use in times of mass fear and uncertainty.  


Relax Essential Oil Blend

Your diffuser is your best friend right now (okay, second best friend - open windows are number one). Keeping the air and our lungs healthy is always paramount. We love the soothing, medicinal properties of lavender combined with adaptogenic rhododendron to regulate and support the nervous system. This one is so calming and we recommend pairing it with an hour or two of screen-fasting before hitting the hay. A frazzled mind doesn’t sleep well. 

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