Conversations with K.P. Khalsa

October 27, 2012

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Never in modern history have medicinal herbs been as important as they are today. Never has the knowledge of using herbs and food for health and healing been so vital to our livelihood. In this current time when stress is a fact of life for so many of us, environmental toxicity is so prevalent, depression and anxiety have become the norm, and our societies have become detached from the wisdom cultures that once guided us, the knowledge of using healing herbs and foods as a daily lifestyle could not be more urgent. This is why people like Karta Purkh Khalsa are so important. K.P., as he is famously known in the herbal world, carries within him a rare and precious wealth of herbal knowledge.  He was taught in a very traditional manner, from teacher to student through direct experience via his mentor, Yogi Bhajan. Over the course of thirty plus years, he has accumulated encyclopedic knowledge of the healing powers and uses of medicinal plants. K.P. has a way of teaching about herbs that is both sophisticated and simple, practical and profound. From one class with K.P. it becomes obvious that he knows what he is talking about...Not because somebody else told him, but because he has seen it work time and time again. People like K.P. are rare, and we need their knowledge to survive for our future generations. Recently, I traveled to Oregon and met K.P. at the pristine Horizon Herb Farm, courtesy of another towering figure of herbal medicine, Richo Cech. Although they both have had great respect for each other for some time, this occasion was the first time Richo and K.P. had met face to face. That may have been worth the trip alone. Over the course of the day I interviewed K.P. and asked him questions about all things herbal. Like I said, the man is a walking encyclopedia. I could have talked to him for many days if we would have had the time. It seemed that every time he opened his mouth, a gem of wisdom was released. So there is good news to report. We will be releasing the exclusive video interview of K.P. that we filmed on the Horizon Farm. In addition, K.P. will be teaching a free webcast class coming up on November 14th for anyone who would like to attend. Furthermore, he’ll be teaching a full course that will be released in the latter part of November. In the next few weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from one of the world’s most knowledgeable herbalists. Whether you are a professional healer of any kind, or just a person who wants to live with a great degree of vitality and joy in a world where such things are hard to come by, there are some great classes just around the corner. Enter your email to secure your spot for the free webcast with K.P., and to receive notifications about the upcoming video and course...then leave us your comments below! [UPDATE: Though the webcast is no longer available, you can experience K.P.'s wise teachings in his online courses Complete Health: A Home Herbalism Course and The Way of Ayurvedic Herbs. We also offer a reduced price package of the two courses.]

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