On Palo Santo and David Crow's Book, Sacred Smoke

April 9, 2014

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Sacred Smoke by David CrowAn excerpt from Sacred Smoke: "'Here in Ecuador,' Dante explains, 'Palo Santo is sacred, holy, mysterious, and powerful. It is the healer that the people go to when all doctors and medicines have failed. They go directly to the tree. They pray to it. It cures them.’” Get Sacred Smoke Now Join us in celebrating the Earth, her abundance of blessings, and the way we can help the Earth, plants, and people through conscious commerce.

About the Ecuador Palo Santo Eco-Project

Palo Santo trees have been seriously over-exploited in South America, especially in Ecuador. In many parts of the country where the trees once grew abundantly, the populations are now decimated, deforested for use as incense, medicine, fuel, or for making aromatic boxes. The preservation of the last remaining forests of this precious tree is critical. The largest remaining population of Palo Santo trees in South America grows in the Parque Nacional Machalilla in Ecuador. Our distiller has been involved in the careful ecological harvesting of deadwood in this park for over six years. Only the branches and trunks that have fallen naturally are gathered; there is no cutting of any live trees. The harvesters are careful to not damage the areas surrounding the trees, and do not create any new footpaths or roads. There is no waste of the harvested wood, with every piece being either distilled or used as medicine or incense. Over the past several years our distiller has done extensive research into the propagation and cultivation of Palo Santo trees and is now able to propagate saplings and save young trees from areas that are being deforested for development. Floracopeia has made a special arrangement with this distiller to support this restoration effort. Learn more about the Eco-Project.
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