Emerald Rivers & The Herbal Pharmacy | Snoqualmie Valley, WA | April 6th-8th, 2012

April 8, 2012

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Join David Crow for two events in Snoqualmie Valley: Friday, 7 - 10pm: Emerald Rivers: An evening of enchanted stories, poetic magic and aromatic inebriation. Join author, poet, healer and ecological visionary David Crow for an extraordinary multi-sensory evening of stunning images, prose, poetry, and intoxicating aromatic treasures from his travels around the world visiting sacred places, studying powerful plants and meeting holy people.   Saturday, 10am - 6pm: The Herbal Pharmacy Spend a day learning about the most important medicinal plants that can be cultivated in a home garden and used easily for a wide variety of family health concerns. This class will also feature how to effectively use many important essential oils for treating and preventing common health concerns.
Location: Snoqualmie Valley, WA; details TBA
Contact: Nate Summers, 425-333-0572;  n8summers23@gmail.com
Cost: Friday night: Emerald Rivers- $15 per person
Saturday: Home Pharmacy program: $100
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