How to Use Essential Oils Safely & Effectively

June 26, 2020

How to Use Essential Oils Safely & Effectively

Are you fascinated by the power of essential oils — and curious about how to use them in ways that are safe for your body?

All the misinformation out there — on websites, social media, even in some kinds of product marketing — can create health and safety issues. Not only that, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the absolute vastness of aromatic botanical medicine.

There are literally hundreds of different essential oils, each with its own unique fragrance, chemistry, and therapeutic benefit... and the occasional adverse effect when an oil is used incorrectly.

To guide you beyond misinformation and to equip you with practical know-how, David Crow — founder of Floracopeia — is sharing insight into both the modern understanding of essential oils and the ancient poetic sciences of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. One of the world’s foremost experts in botanical medicine and grassroots healthcare, David will help you quickly gain a deep understanding of the seemingly simple — but actually profound and complex — subject of essential oils.

In this first video in a series of four, David introduces a simple way to understand two main categories of essential oils… so you can get a huge amount of benefit from them, whether you're using them to improve your sleep and mood, calm your nervous system, treat common colds and flu...

This video is information-packed, so grab your journal and pen and dig in to sage guidance you can trust… so you can yield the biggest benefit from nature’s healing pharmacy safely.

Listen in at 10:01 for these powerful highlights that David’s teaching:

  • Why classifying essential oils into two main categories gives you important information about the healing properties of each oil
  • The subtle, fascinating role of the moon in creating essential oil compounds
  • The best examples of warming (agni) oils and cooling (soma) oils
  • How the sun and the moon are actually inside every essential oil
  • Which oils have the potential to cause toxic reactions to your skin, mouth, and digestive tract
  • The surprising effects of citrus oils (what they cause and WHY they’re deceptive)
  • Which category of oils is best for treating inflammation
  • Which oils come with more safety concerns

In the second video in this series, David teaches you an additional, deeper way to quickly learn the healing properties of a variety of essential oils.

As you’ll discover, the ancient systems of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine offer important insights into the healing powers of essential oils and aromatherapy.

Watch and find out about a practical, easy-to-understand system of classifying oils using Ayurveda's 5 Elements of Nature system.

Here are a few points you’ll won’t want to miss in this video teaching:

  • Exactly what hydrosols are
  • Why hydrosols can moisturize your skin better than essential oils
  • 14:10 How essential oils are actually a form of prana, or life-force energy
  • (5:36) — The effect of essential oils on the limbic system in treating stress, sleep issues and restoring balance to the body’s natural biorhythms
  • The distillation process and how it works
  • (13:30) — Why essential oils have a direct effect on our respiratory system AND our consciousness
  • The 2 biological reasons why only some plants produce essential oils

PLUS… David answers some of the most frequently asked essential oil questions and addresses common myths with FACTS!

Nearly every culture — some for thousands of years — has used aromatic botanicals to promote healing for body, mind, and spirit. Now you have more info than ever to safely tap into the medicinal benefits of plants!

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