Favorite Essential Oils for Gift Making

November 26, 2012

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It’s that time of year, where the weekends are set aside for making Holiday Gifts. I love making gifts with essential oils and in this week I will be sharing some Do-It-Yourself videos and recipes that you can use to make your own special gifts. To get us started I would like to share my favorite essential oils for gift making- on their own they are amazing and well-loved oils, and together these oils offer you limitless combinations! Lavender - Lavender is the most popular essential oil. For many of us it is our introduction to Aromatherapy since the benefits of Lavender are many and it is so safe to us. Lavender is loved by almost everyone and offers us the gift of bringing calm when we need to unwind and focus when we need it! Lavender makes a great middle or heart note to blends, so it is a great starting point to build off of with any recipe. MandarinOrangeLemon - The Citrus oils are very festive this time of year, and are refreshing and uplifting year round. These oils are inexpensive and make a great addition to any gift. Citrus oils offer an instant pick me up and bring cheer on the cold days of winter. Mandarin is also great to use in relaxation blends or for bath salts used before bed. Citrus oils combine great with floral oils such as Lavender and wood oils such as cedar. Eucalyptus - Eucalyptus is crisp and refreshing. I love using Eucalyptus in products for men since it is invigorating and masculine, or in products designed for comfort during colds and flu. Eucalyptus is a great oil to use in your gifts to the athlete or teachers since it encourages deep and healthy respiration. Ylang Ylang - Ylang Ylang means “flower of flowers” and this exotic oil lives up to its name. A small amount of ylang ylang makes a big impact in any gift you give. Ylang ylang transports us to a tropical destination and is a wonderful, balancing oil for the hair and skin. Ylang ylang also inspires feelings of wellbeing and euphoria. This makes ylang ylang a key ingredient for those who love floral fragrances and who could use a little rejuvenation and relaxation. Neroli Pettigrain - This lovely combination is one of my must have with me at all times oils! I usually end up giving my bottle away to a friend in need of some sunshine. Neroli-pettigrain is an inexpensive way to use the delicate fragrance of neroli (orange blossom) in your gift recipes, and the herbaceous note from the Pettigrain adds a depth to the combination that makes it a complete fragrance in itself. I love this combination for spritzers to have at the office or for bath salts and scrubs. Jasmine - Oh who doesn’t love Jasmine! This distinct floral fragrance is loved by women and men. It inspires romantic feelings and offers the energy for amorous pursuits! A body oil with Jasmine is a sensual gift to share. Jasmine is wonderful to use in any skin care products you make for winter since it is wonderful for dry skin care. Add a few drops to your bath salt blends, combine some ylang ylang, neroli-pettigrain and you have a decadent gift that is worthy of a thank you card! Laurel - Laurel is one of my favorite new oils that has come to us through the Corsica Collection. Laurel is clean and refreshing. Its crisp scent makes it a wonderful addition to men’s blend- add some palo santo, cedar and orange, or try some eucalyptus and pine, or blend with rose, lavender and florals- there are many ways you can blend with Laurel. Cistus - I love using cistus essential oils for its fragrance and its benefits! Cistus has a deep, musky fragrance that combines well with florals and wood oils. It offers grounding while also being uplifting. I find Cistus oil calms and relaxes without sedating. Cistus combines well with rose, sandalwood, palo santo, rose geranium and more. Cedar - Cedar makes a warm, inviting base note in any blend. I love using cedar in bath salts, aftershaves or massage oil blends! It combines nice with orange, other wood oils or supports floral oils like rose and ylang ylang. Carrot Seed - Carrot seed is one of my favorite essential oils for skin care. It supports cell regeneration which makes it a useful oil for anyone with aging skin (that is all of us!). I love using carrot seed in all skin oils as it has a natural SPF, so add it to your winter facial care and use it in the summer in your body oils as well. Carrot Seed has a warm earth fragrance that makes it a great base note in blends. Palo Santo - Palo Santo is a fun oil to add to your gift making. It is one of those oils that has a reputation as a cure-all and it offers a unique fragrance that is soothing and provocative. I like to use Palo Santo like the other wood oils like cedar and add it as a base note to my blends. It is a great oil to use in your gifts for men. Sandalwood - Sandalwood is a very beautiful and sacred oil that is worthy of the reverence it receives. Sandalwood has a balancing effect on our emotions, our spirit and our skin. It makes a wonderful addition to any gift because of its universal benefits. Be sure to get your Sandalwood oil from a reputable source, like Floracopeia, so that the quality and the production of the oil are of great integrity. With this list of oils you can make a wide array of natural gifts that are sure to be loved and appreciated! In this week I will share many recipes that will show you how to put these oils to good use! Stay tuned as The Essence of the Season Celebration continues! Shop Floracopeia Essential Oils Now!

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