Floracopeia: Small Business That Gives Big

November 20, 2012

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First Impressions speak volumes. My first impression of Floracopeia oils, when I met them years ago, was that they were connected to the lands from which the oils came. These were oils made from plants grown in their optimal environment, where they could meet their full potential, under the conditions that Mother Nature intended. There was a sense that this bottle came to me directly from the plants and distillers that produced them. There was an energy to the oils, beyond their incredible fragrance, that was unlike anything I had experienced in my years of working with essential oils. I could sense right away that there was more to this essential oil company then met the eye. As you may have noticed, Floracopeia is not your typical essential oil company; there are many things that set Floracopeia apart from other companies in general. To illustrate my point I would like to describe the business model, envisioned by David Crow, the founder of Floracopeia, that we rely on as our business grows. Most companies have a pyramid style model where there are many working hard at the base and few at the top with a majority share of the profits. Floracopeia’s business model is instead inspired by the mandala, sacred circle, in which the plants are at the center of the mandala. They are tended by dedicated farmers who produce the plant material for artisan distillers to create incredible essential oils- the next circle of the mandala. Floracopeia works to make these essential oils available to practitioners and customers such as yourself, and so the mandala extends outward. Your purchases give back to the plants in the center of the mandala and the whole cycle benefits everyone involved. Floracopeia-Round-Logo-w-earth_smallThe big goals that drive Floracopeia in all it does are to...

  • Support and uplift ecological farmers around the world by purchasing high quality aromatic products
  • Preserve rainforest by purchasing aromatic products from sustainable forestry projects.
  • Lower the costs of top grade essential oils by bringing them directly from distillers to retail customers
  • Preserve and promote traditional, indigenous education about medicinal, ecological, economic and spiritual benefits of plants through events, retreats, publications and multi-media events
Those are big goals for a small business, and so far Floracopeia has been successful at making great progress towards such profound goals. Floracopeia has eco-projects around the world and support the communities in which the essential oils are produced. Projects such as our Palo Santo project in Ecuador that simultaneously produces highest quality Palo Santo essential oil, reforests the Palo Santo for forests for the future and provides a sustainable, living wage to a community of farmers and distillers. To date over $1,000,000,000 has been raised through Floracopeia Eco-projects. We at Floracopeia take great satisfaction from this and strive to give back more as our sales increase. You can know that your purchase of Floracopeia oils gives back to the entire Floracopeia Mandala, from the distiller in Africa to employees of Floracopeia, to the plants themselves and the ecosystem that they contribute too. We look forward to sharing more about our Eco-projects throughout the Holiday Season so that you can see how your gifts give more when you shop Floracopiea. Floracopeia also offers education through live events around the country and online webcast through our educational site MedicineCrow www.medicinecrow.com. Through this goal we are able to connect herbalist and healers from around the globe to captive audiences listening in their living rooms. In addition, Floracopeia offers a practitioner level Aromatherapy Certification through its Floracopeia Aromatherapy Foundations Course which is also accessible from anywhere in the world. This lasting legacy of knowledge is one of the greatest achievements for both Floracopeia and MedicineCrow. From a first impression, to a thorough investigation, Floracopeia has a powerful business model that drives the success of this small business and replenishes a system that is beautiful on every level of functioning. Thank you for the important part that you play in the Floracopeia Mandala. Click Here to learn more about Floracopeia Eco Projects. Leave your comments below...
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