Floracopeia’s Collection of Frankincense Essential Oils and Frankincense Resins

June 13, 2012

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Frankincense-Store-Banner Frankincense resin and Frankincense essential oil have been key ingredients in both the sacred rituals and daily life of many cultures. Used as Incense to elevate the spirit and promote wellbeing, frankincense resin supports health with each fragrant breath. Frankincense essential oils, distilled from frankincense resin, offer a powerful yet gentle remedy for many health conditions, while simultaneously drawing the mind to higher, more meditative states. There are numerous species and varieties of frankincense trees, each producing a slightly different type of frankincense resin, which yields a distinct frankincense essential oil. Differences in soil and climate impact the fragrance of the frankincense oil or resin creating even further diversity. Floracopeia offers a unique sampling of some of the World’s finest Frankincense Essential Oils and Frankincense Resins. Frankincense carterii is noticeably smooth, deep, and resinous, making this essential oil appealing for perfumes and practitioners alike. This frankincense essential oil is derived from the Boswellia carterii tree which grows wild on Somalia's rocky coast. One of the primary frankincense varieties, it has a fine balance between pleasing sweetness of fragrance and an important therapeutic profile. Frankincense frereana essential oil offers a richer, more balsamic and citrus fragrance notes. This Frankincense essential oil is known as Maydi, and considered the "king" of frankincense oils. As any good King should, this oil gives back to its people, as the purchase of this oil helps support social development programs in the villages of Somaliland where it is gathered. Read more about Frankincense frereana essential oil Frankincense-Myrrh essential oil combines the benefit of myrrh with frankincense. Co-distilled in Ethiopia, frankincense and myrrh essential oil is used in inhalation therapy, benefiting the respiratory tract and sinuses. Topically, frankincense-myrrh essential oil can support skin healing and rejuvenation. Read more about Frankincense-Myrrh Essential Oil Frankincense rivae, also known as Ogaden frankincense, is a fine wild-harvested frankincense essential oil from Ethiopia. This frankincense essential oil makes a wonderful base note in perfume. This is one of several resins that are custom distilled for Floracopeia. Read More about Frankincense rivae Frankincense serrata, also known as olibanum, offers a clean, terpenic fragranced frankincense oil. This Frankincense essential oil is wild harvested in India where it has been utilized by Ayurvedic practioners for its anti-inflammatory properties. Read More about Frankincense serrata Click Here for an article about Frankincense written by David Crow, the Founder of Floracopeia. Click Here to read more about Floracopeia's Frankincense Eco-Project.
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