Get Your Skin Ready for Summer With This Simple Skincare Routine

April 17, 2021

Get Your Skin Ready for Summer With This Simple Skincare Routine

As the weather warms up, we’re spending more time outside, soaking up some rays and fresh air.  

Nature is good for the soul, but the summer heat can be tough on your skin.

Staying vigilant about some of the common summer threats to your skin can help you prevent damage and protect your radiance.

With summer around the corner, we’re sharing how to maintain soft, supple, radiant skin, all season long...


Spending time outside in the summer means you’re exposed to higher temperatures — and this can mean sweat. 

Although sweat is natural and helps your body cool down, letting sweat sit too long on the surface of your skin can clog your pores and cause impurities, including breakouts and redness. 

As the weather warms up, be sure to keep a clean handkerchief or towel nearby if you intend to get caught out in the heat for too long. Dab at the sweat (don’t rub!) to gently clean your skin.


We all know you need sunscreen while you’re outside. It helps protect skin from UV rays, keeping you looking younger longer, and preventing sunburn.

Sometimes heavy sunscreens can make it hard for your skin to breathe. Sunscreen can clog your pores and trap impurities, which can irritate and harm your skin. Be sure that you cleanse your skin thoroughly. 

Environmental Impurities

On top of heavy sunscreens and sweating, spending time outside means exposure to environmental contaminants like pollen and dirt. These small particles can sit on your skin, causing rashes or breakouts, clogged pores, and even allergic reactions.

The skin may experience redness, irritation, or rashes if not gently washed at the end of the day.


Washing your face with harsh chemicals may remove the day’s sweat, sunscreen, and dirt — but it can sometimes do more harm than good. It can strip the skin of its natural, healthy protective barrier, causing dryness and an uneven skin tone due to irritation. 

If you find your face regularly looks uneven, feels dry or tight, is flaky, experiences breakouts, or just doesn’t have a radiant luster or glow, you may be overexposing your skin to chemicals that are creating an imbalance.


Acne-prone skin can be a result of skin imbalances. Believe it or not, your oily skin can be caused by the very drying chemicals that strip your skin of their natural moisture. This happens when your skin produces extra oil to replenish its natural oils.

To protect your skin from the elements and help it naturally thrive as summer approaches, take a look at your skincare routine. Establishing the right routine will make your summer skin glow with a smooth, supple radiance….

Your Routine for Healthy Summer Skin

#1 Cleanse & Hydrate.

Using the right oil as a cleanser can restore balance to your skin.

When the right organic essential oils come together, they offer a gentle cleansing of dirt and contaminants, without stripping away your skin’s protective barrier. 

Essential oils like the wondrous Helichrysum italicum combined with French lavender and wild Himalayan rhododendron create a nourishing and harmonizing cleansing experience for your skin — reducing fine lines and wrinkles, while gently removing debris and makeup.

Our Immortelle Cleansing Dew gently purifies and cleanses your skin. It also stimulates collagen and elastin production, evens tone, firms your skin through microcirculation… and strengthens your body’s natural hydrating layer for moisturized, rejuvenated, clean, healthy skin.

#2 Repair.

Exposure to natural elements may throw off your skin’s balance, leading to skin that’s too oily or dry, red, irritated, or lacking in luster and elasticity... 

Addressing these symptoms of skin imbalance is the only way to reclaim that healthy, glowing, firm, even skin tone you’ll want to show off this summer. 

Often, these symptoms are effects of varying skin maladies, and can be difficult to address. Finding the right healing formula for your skin condition (or combination of conditions) can prove to be difficult...

We formulated our Nectar of Immortelle Facial Rejuvenation Serum to restore balance to all skin types. No matter what skin concern is preventing you from putting your best skin forward, you’ll find a pure, organic ingredient to restore your gorgeous complexion — including nourishing argan oil, healing jojoba, and the illustrious helichrysum italicum.

#3 Nourish.

After restoring balance to your skin, it’s time for deep hydration. 

Maintaining plump, firm skin means going beyond the outside layer of your skin — and providing your skin’s deeper layers with a nutrient-rich antioxidant moisturizer that’s easily and deeply absorbed.  

Stimulating collagen production, microcirculation, and deep hydration means a luminous, glowing complexion.

Helichrysum italicum is a potent Corsica flower, unequaled in its ability to heal, restore, and renew the skin. It’s rare, revered, and ideal for boosting your skin’s health and luminance... 

If your moisturizer provides you with a dose of this mystical, healing flower, you’ll be on your way to your best summer skin.

To hydrate deep within to prepare your skin for summer, try our Immortelle Perfecting Crème. Not only will you enjoy amazing, balanced summer skin, you’ll get a scent of heaven, too.  

The combination of blue tansy, frankincense, and helichrysum italicum, bring a breath of comfort and restoration each time you pamper your skin.

Your Very Best Summer Skin

The secret to your best summer skin lies in balance, moisture, and restoration.

With no chemicals or preservatives that trouble your skin, our Immortelle line will restore your skin to its glowing, natural radiance, lighting you up, even under that glorious summer sun.  

So cleanse and hydrate, nourish, and repair — then rediscover and reveal your best skin ever...                

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