Gifts Under $25

November 16, 2017

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Whether it’s stocking stuffers, the office gift exchange, or the first few nights of Hanukkah, we all love finding quality gifts that don’t break the bank. We’ve put together a guide to our favorite products under $25 that will bring joy and wellness to everyone on your list. Lavender Essential Oil This extremely versatile floral oil is a delightfully fragrant cure-all with relaxation, freshening, and healing powers. Tulsi Essential Oil A queen among herbs, Holy Basil is an auspicious and protective oil. Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil A staple essential oil for cleanliness and purification. An excellent choice for your diffuser and homemade cleaning products. Peppermint Essential Oil Add to your diffuser for an instant pick-me-up. Lemon Essential Oil Perfect for uplifting, calming, and igniting joy. Add a few drops to a household cleaner or your diffuser for a bright, fresh space. Rose Hydrosol Rosewater, beloved for its sweet unmistakable fragrance, softens the heart, soothes the mind, and restores the complexion.  A wonderful balancing toner for your skincare routine. Palo Santo Hydrosol A sacred woody mist. Spritz your body, face and aura for a quick meditative reset. Palmarosa Essential Oil This restorative Ethiopian wild grass has a fresh floral scent. A wonderful addition to your facial serum to refresh your complexion and mood. Relax Essential Oil Blend Roll-On Lavender and rhododendron come together in this peaceful blend. Centered Essential Oil Blend Roll-On Ideal for a meditative moment, this blend inspires grounded clarity. Dream Essential Oil Blend Roll-On Designed for inhalation or anointing before sleep, this lovely blend enhances relaxation and infuses dreams with creativity, intuition, and sweetness. In Search of the Medicine Buddha A colorful and captivating story of adventure, exploration, and self-discovery. In Search of the Medicine Buddha transports readers into the life and work of David Crow and his teachers. Palo Santo Wood Chips Instantly transform any space with this sacred smoke. Perfect for cleansing, ritual, and meditation. [button_1 text="SHOP%20ALL%20GIFTS" text_size="20" text_color="#ffffff" text_font="Raleway;google" text_bold="Y" text_letter_spacing="3" subtext_panel="N" text_shadow_panel="N" styling_width="40" styling_height="22" styling_border_color="#000000" styling_border_size="0" styling_border_radius="0" styling_border_opacity="100" styling_gradient_start_color="#869518" styling_gradient_end_color="#869518" drop_shadow_panel="N" inset_shadow_panel="N" align="center" href="" new_window="Y"/]
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