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How To Make Your Own Natural Lip Gloss with Essential Oils

December 18, 2012

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There are a lot of kids in my family.  I have 3 sisters, and between them, they have given me 8 wonderful nieces and nephews.  I have a son and a daughter myself.  The holidays are a hectic, chaotic and joyous occasion in my family.  We are blessed to all live in the same small town.  Mom still does holidays for our entire brood, plus 20 or so extended family and friends every year. During this holiday season, I like to give a small gift to each of the children.  It needs to be something special, and from the heart.  I have found that as the children get older this can be more and more of a challenge.  All of my nieces are now teenagers, and teen girls are a picky species! My favorite gift for young girls, especially of the pre-teen and teen variety, is my lip gloss. This gift is special for lots of reasons.  It’s made lovingly by their Auntie Wendy, it is natural and organic, and it is functional.  Even young girls who don’t wear makeup love a swipe of moisturizing, yummy lip gloss!  I keep a few of these in my own purse at all times. I find the empty, wand-style lip gloss containers fairly cheaply online.  I have purchased from different places, depending on where Google directs me and what kind of a deal I can get.  The rest of the ingredients I get at my local health food store, and of course, from Floracopeia.

Wendy's Favorite Lip Gloss Recipe

¼ Cup of Organic Sweet Almond Oil ¼ Oz Beeswax 6 drops Liquid Stevia 4 drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil 4 drops Peppermint or Mint Essential Oil Coloring:  You can use Cocoa Powder or Beetroot Juice to the desired concentration for completely natural color.  I have begun experimenting with Micas, which offer a wide range of beautiful, rich colors.  You can find these online, just make sure you choose colors that specify that they are safe for lips!  I use about a ½ teaspoon for a nice, saturated color. Directions:  I use a pyrex measuring cup for heating/pouring my gloss. 1.      Place beeswax in your measuring cup, then place the cup in a small saucepan of hot water. 2.      Turn your stove on to Medium heat, and heat until the beeswax is completely liquefied. 3.      Once the beeswax is liquefied, pour in the Almond Oil.  This will cause some solidification, so continue heating until the mix is once again liquid. 4.      Turn off the heat and quickly add your Stevia, Essential Oils and Coloring, stirring with a wooden spoon. 5.      Pour the mixture into your lip gloss bottles, leaving about 2-3mm of space (hint, you can prop your bottles in a bed of modeling clay or Play-Doh to hold them secure). 6.      Allow the gloss to cool completely before you put the orifice reducers and wand-caps on. Makes: 3-4 glosses This is a fun, easy and inexpensive gift, and it is surprisingly quick to make.  I have a 12-year-old daughter and she delights in helping me.  You can get creative with your recipe, adding different Essential Oils and colors. [divider style="10"] [recent_posts style="14" rows="three" title = "You May Also Like:" text_excerpt="" mode="selectable_posts" posts_num="" selectable_posts="5350, 5011, 2302" text_color="undefined" hide_author="" main_title_font_size="22" main_title_font_font="Raleway" main_title_font_style="bold" main_title_font_spacing="3" posts_title_font_size="15" posts_title_font_font="Raleway" posts_title_font_color="#869518" posts_title_font_spacing="0" ][/recent_posts]
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