Lift Your Mood, Clear Negative Energy & Refresh Your Spirit With Frankincense

November 7, 2020

Lift Your Mood, Clear Negative Energy & Refresh Your Spirit With Frankincense

Do you ever wonder how some of the precious things of this earth are created?

Many of the treasures humans prize for their rarity and beauty develop through a process of excruciating, transformative intensity.

Take the indestructible diamond: its glittering beauty shines from coal that’s been subjected to billions of years of extreme heat and pressure.

Or the iridescent butterfly: it emerges triumphantly from a caterpillar that literally turns to mush inside a protective cocoon!

It seems nothing worth having comes easily, and the same could be said of the highly prized healing botanical, Frankincense Sacra...

This dry and hot environment causes the trees’ immune response to generate copious amounts of the sumptuous, aromatic drops.

To collect the resin, cultivators make small cuts in the bark of the tree, and the tree weeps its fragrant tears.

Once considered a luxury fit for royalty and used in sacred ceremonies, Frankincense resin remains a highly prized source of support for spiritual uplift and transformation today.

(check out tips about how to use Frankincense essential oil below)

Frankincense resin nurtures the soul, clears out negativity, and assists with meditation and contemplation.

We’re proud to partner with NGOs to protect Frankincense trees in Oman...

Unfortunately, one byproduct of this beloved plant’s popularity is over-harvesting.

In response, Floracopeia is proud to support the Oman Frankincense Project, which was created to ensure the regeneration of this precious botanical and its enjoyment for many years to come.

Sustainably harvested frankincense

We not only want to harvest Frankincense sustainably, we believe the trees should be left better off for our activities.  

Through our partnership with NGOs (non-governmental nonprofit organizations), we are supporting a comprehensive survey and mapping of the Boswellia populations of Frankincense trees growing in Oman.

This helps monitor the individual trees that produce our resin, and it helps ensure consistent harvesting practices that protect the health of the trees.

We’re also supporting a nursery to aid tree regeneration. Our goal is to reach 1-to-1 regeneration: for each tree that’s harvested from, one new tree will be planted.

Funds from each sale of our Frankincense Sacra go to support the new trees.

When you find yourself needing to create sacred space, to heal, and to find center again, try this tenacious plant helper for its aromatic and calming properties.

And feel good knowing that, with every purchase, you’re part of a wider community of people caring for these invaluable trees!

Lift your mood, clear negative energy, and create a space of calm and renewal

Bring the sumptuous aroma ofFrankincense into your home to create a sacred, protected space.

There are several ways to use Frankincense essential oils, including:

  • Place a drop in the palm of your hand, gently rub your palms together, and deeply inhale the scent from your palms to bring quick clarity.
  • Add a drop to your diffuser to create sacred space at home.
  • Add several drops to any massage oil to soothe the skin, and relax the entire body and mind.
  • Add several drops to a cold compress to soothe any specific area of the body.

Thinking you could use the uplifting effects of an oil that’s been loved for thousands of years to soothe body and mind?

Right now, you can access our limited-edition Frankincense sacra — and help support a beautiful eco project to honor and protect the highest quality, sustainably harvested frankincense resin.

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