Mitti Attar: Exotic Aroma of Ancient Indian Perfumers

December 16, 2011

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Mitti Attar captures the fragrance of the earth, derived from distilling cakes of mud into sandalwood. This rich, earthy, soothing, and exotic aroma was created by the ancient Indian perfumers to capture the smell of the first monsoon rain on the soil.  "And suddenly these molecules of attar they acquire your auric field. Your entire aura becomes fragrant. And wherever you go you are highly welcomed by the people... It has a great self healing power." ~ Dr. Vasant Lad Mitti attar is widely known in India for it's grounding, calmative effect. In Ayurvedic circles it is a great vata pacifying oil. A complete video of the Dr. Lad interview is available on Floracopeia has a complete line of natural attars and perfumes. You can buy Mitti Attar here.

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