Self-Care at The Clinical Level: Creating Your Own Personalized, Natural Medicine Plan

February 6, 2021

Self-Care at The Clinical Level:  Creating Your Own Personalized, Natural Medicine Plan

What does self-care mean to you?

When many of us think of self-care, we envision a devotion to our favorite mind-body-spirit practices...

Perhaps you keep your diffuser full of your favorite essential oils, pay special attention to what you eat, and make an effort to get plenty of sleep. 

Maybe you try to get exercise each day and turn to natural remedies when you’re under the weather.

These are all very worthy endeavors that will boost your wellbeing, keeping you safe and strong — today and for the rest of your life.

Now what if all of these tools in your self-care arsenal could work together — as YOU create your own cohesive, personalized natural medicine plan?

What If You Could Become Your Own Self-Care Clinician?

Developing clinical-level self-care that truly works is its own path of deep personal exploration and discovery…

And it begins with understanding your past and current health challenges. 

Thankfully, these days we have access to many diagnostic tools — including the innovations of the medical tests that are widely available without prescriptions.

We also have resources and tools to help us understand the progression of symptoms over time, and develop body-based awareness. 

Clinical-level self-care also means mastering the basic online research skills to separate truth from fiction in the maze of marketing claims.

It requires understanding the strengths and weaknesses of allopathic and natural medicine.

You’ll also need to have trusted sources in place for high-quality herbs and products. With this knowledge, you can easily assemble, prepare, and utilize a highly effective home pharmacy...

Becoming knowledgeable about these many concepts and understanding the broader patterns of illness and processes of healing means you’ll learn to care for yourself more effectively — in ways that can first slow the progression of the disease, then stabilize it, and in many cases, reverse it. 

If it sounds overwhelming, it certainly can be... but only if you embark on this journey all by yourself.

Our founder, David Crow, created a course, Principles of Clinical-Level Self-Care: How to Develop Self-Diagnostic Skills, Navigate ‘Internet Medicine’ & Personalize Botanical Treatments, to walk you through this process.

As you move through five on-demand modules, you’ll learn to reimagine healthcare, to work WITH doctors and practitioners as your partners, and to become your own expert in healing and self-care.

Build Your Own Self-Care Toolkit

As David guides you step-by-step, he also shares about botanicals that are a must-haves for your home pharmacy, including:

Helichrysum Essential Oil, cosmetically and therapeutically unparalleled in its ability to support cell regeneration and tissue healing.

Calming and grounding, Rose Geranium Essential Oil reduces feelings of stress and worry while bringing balance and strength to the body.

Organic Blue Chamomile Essential Oil supports a healthy inflammatory response, nourishing the body and mind.

These potent essential oils are ideal for anti- inflammatory purposes. You can blend these three for powerful results, and David’s shares powerful recipes for you to try. And remember, always dilute essential oils! 

In Principles of Clinical-Level Self-Care David shows you how to discern the right treatments for yourself and puts you on the frontline of shifting our current healthcare models...

Throughout the five on-demand modules with David, you’ll discover how to:

  • Develop the self-care diagnostic skills you need to address your chronic health conditions, autoimmune illness, inflammation, and more
  • Understand what’s feasible and realistic with natural medicine — including when to use it as a primary treatment, a supportive treatment.. or not at all
  • Confidently use internet resources, and find solutions to your individual needs when faced with many different recommendations
  • Navigate your options when your doctor wants you to take a medication you don’t want
  • Move from disempowered and uninformed patient (through no fault of your own!) to bona fide self-care clinician
  • And more...

David will share how to think like a clinician to heal illness and prevent relapse — with or without allopathic medicine.

He’ll show you how to skillfully navigate the maze of misleading online information and make decisions based on genuine, evidence-based research.

You’ll confidently sidestep trendy diagnoses and treatments — so you can find real solutions.

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