[Video Series] Part 2: Resolve Emotional Trauma w/Helichrysum & Activate your Dreams

August 5, 2020

[Video Series] Part 2: Resolve Emotional Trauma w/Helichrysum & Activate your Dreams

Do you prefer using herbs for healing, or do you use essential oils and aromatherapy? Maybe both?

Do you find they impact you differently? There are some major similarities and fascinating differences...

We tend to use herbs internally (orally), meaning they travel through our digestive system. And with essential oils, we’re either taking them in through our olfactory system or skin, and traveling to our brains...

In the video below, David Crow explains the effects of these differences — before walking us through how helichrysum can impact our minds and emotions in truly powerful and positive ways…

In this 11-minute video, David focuses on the powerful and positive effects of Helichrysum — enriching your dreamlife, resolving trauma, 

You can get your hands on your very own Helichrysum (Italicum), Corsica cultivated essential oil right here...

[img_text_aside style="2" image="https://blog.floracopeia.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Capture21-1.png" image_alignment="left" headline="" alignment="left"]We consider our Helichrysum hand-harvested in Corsica, to be one of the best cultivated essential oils available in the world….

Known also as “everlasting” and “immortelle,”  Helichrysum is therapeutically unparalleled in its ability to support health and healing.


This extraordinary distillation of immortelle, with its rich, herbaceous, honey-like bouquet, is equally suitable for both topical applications as well as perfume blending to calm the mind, emotions, and spirit.

We also have an exquisite Helichrysum Essential Oil Blend to assist your body in staying limber, comfortable and relaxed. An excellent product for the avid hiker, athlete, yoga student, dancer, or lover of activity to always keep close on hand. 

Watch David’s enlightening video teaching on Helichrysum here:

Are you inspired to enhance your own dreams and bring peace to lingering emotional trauma with Helichrysum as David describes in the video above?

Enhance your spiritual practice with the restorative power of Helichrysum essential oil and our Helichrysum-infused products…

You can find our collection of essential oils here.

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