Why Perfumers Say “No Jasmine, No Perfume.”

February 7, 2018

Why Perfumers Say “No Jasmine, No Perfume.”

"The night blooming jasmine has a reputation - it is considered to be the most intoxicating, sultry, narcotic aphrodisiac." - David Crow, L.Ac.

Watch this short video to learn how floral essential oils represent the biorythms of the earth and the body.

David explains how the Dawn – "God's favorite time" – brings out the strongest essence of rose, how night blooming jasmine's peak at midnight embodies romance and sensuality – and more! David calls these biorythmic powers of the essential oil "Poetic Science."

An Excerpt From Pharmacy Of Flowers With Floracopeia's David Crow, L.Ac.

Many seeking the benefits of essential oils will say the same thing: a bottle of jasmine should never run empty. This quintessential oil famous for enhancing romantic moods, jasmine absolute is an exotic, aromatically appealing oil which contains both therapeutic and fragrant characteristics that are nearly impossible to find elsewhere in the plant kingdom. Masters of the art of perfume have said “No jasmine, no perfume.” Inhaled, jasmine is beneficial to the lungs. Massaged on, jasmine is soothing to overworked and uncomfortable bodies. It is a gentle toner of upset or reddened skin, and can be used to support fresh, dewy glowing complexions.

Jasmine’s particular gifts lie in the subtle realm. It is the psyche and emotions that are the principal beneficiaries of jasmine’s powers. Add this precious treasure to blends to diminish feelings of fear, sadness and gloom; jasmine is thought to bring confidence and optimism and to produce feelings of euphoria. In general, feelings of love and peace surround this exquisite and delicate floral oil.

Jasmine is believed to have the ability to revitalize, restore, and balance energy. As one of the most powerful essential oils to enhance sensual moods, jasmine is valuable in awakening passion and romantic sentiment. Whether you’re using it as a sensual and intoxicating perfume or to uplift yourself, one drop placed daily on the heart, the neck and/or the wrists, is all it takes to consistently benefit from its powers.

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