RECIPES: How to Use Lavender Oil at Home

May 15, 2017

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Lavender oil is universally beloved for its versatility and beautiful fragrance. Here are 6 ways to try at home:

An Air Purifying Diffuser Staple

Diffuse 4 drops of lavender, 2 drops of frankincense, and 1 drop of eucalyptus daily throughout your home for respiratory and mental health.

A Relaxing and Harmonizing Bath

Mix 1 drop palmarosa, 1 drop lavender, and 1 drop rose geranium into 2 TBSP honey. Add to warm bathwater and feel your stresses melt away.

A Soothing Post-Workout Massage

Blend 4 drops frankincense, 6 drops lavender, and 4 drops rosemary in 30ml jojoba oil, and massage into your muscles and joints.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Place 2 drops of lavender on a cotton ball and tuck under your pillowcase for deep, restful slumber.

A Diffuser Blend for Kids

Diffuse 4 drops lavender and 2 drops ylang ylang while children sleep. It’s fun for them to add the water, and diffusers make a perfect nightlight!

A Skin Repairer

Mix 4 drops lavender,  and 4 drops helichrysum, into 15 mL aloe vera gel. Rub onto sunburned or distressed skin. [button_1 text="SHOP%20LAVENDER" text_size="22" text_color="#ffffff" text_font="Raleway;google" text_bold="Y" text_letter_spacing="2" subtext_panel="N" text_shadow_panel="N" styling_width="36" styling_height="26" styling_border_color="#000000" styling_border_size="0" styling_border_radius="0" styling_border_opacity="100" styling_gradient_start_color="#869518" styling_gradient_end_color="#869518" drop_shadow_panel="N" inset_shadow_panel="N" align="center" href="" new_window="Y"/] [divider style="10"] [recent_posts style="14" rows="three" title = "You May Also Like:" text_excerpt="" mode="selectable_posts" posts_num="" selectable_posts="6349, 5446, 5186" text_color="undefined" hide_author="" main_title_font_size="22" main_title_font_font="Raleway" main_title_font_style="bold" main_title_font_spacing="3" posts_title_font_size="15" posts_title_font_font="Raleway" posts_title_font_color="#869518" posts_title_font_spacing="0" ][/recent_posts]
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