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Sustainable, Dreamy, Soothing Essential Oil—The Story of Bhutan Jatamansi

August 24, 2021

Sustainable, Dreamy, Soothing Essential Oil—The Story of Bhutan Jatamansi

If you’ve ever used our Nepalese Jatamansi Essential Oil, you’ll understand why it’s a bestseller.

We hear things like:

“This oil is absolutely my favorite and most precious in my collection; Whenever it becomes available I order multiple bottles - highly recommend,” from Noël G.

We love dreamy jatamansi, too…

Now we’re thrilled to bring you Bhutan Jatamansi Essential Oil — a first-of-its-kind, sweet-scented version of this beloved oil. This high-quality, ethically sourced, small-batch, artisanal jatamansi comes to you straight from the mountains of Bhutan, bringing with it impressive aromatherapy benefits, including:

  • Deep, restorative sleep
  • Vivid dreams
  • Rejuvenated mornings
  • Greater tranquility and serenity
  • Reduced anxiety, depression, and stress
  • A warm, earthy, soft, sweet scent that can be used as a single-note perfume

monks at a mountainside temple in the Himalayas of Bhutan

Origins of Our Bhutan Jatamansi Essential Oil

This unique, limited availability, small-batch Bhutan Jatamansi Essential Oil is truly one of a kind — it’s the world’s first jatamansi oil from Bhutan, a Buddhist kingdom on the Himalayas’ eastern edge.

Although this new oil has similar characteristics to Nepalese jatamansi, it’s even richer in its ecological, social, and economic benefits. It’s brought to you via a highly controlled process that prioritizes sustainability for the plant.

The roots are hand-harvested, transported down from the wild mountainous regions by horseback, and distilled by the only jatamansi distiller in Bhutan.

a local harvester of jatamansi oil in Bhutan shows a jatamansi root picked from a rocky mountainside in the HimalayasEco Project

This small-scale operation is carefully planned, executed, regulated, and managed.

The government pays close attention to harvesting regions, and each section of harvesting occurs only once every five years. This rotation, along with harvest limits, ensures healthy recovery and growth of the plant, expanding the species’ population and maintaining sustainable ecosystems for future harvests.

This Bhutan Jatamansi Essential Oil offers local social and economic benefits for the region, bringing new livelihoods and possibilities for local communities. Our distiller sources jatamansi from the Himalayas, paying harvesters fair and equitable wages for harvesting from the high altitudes of Dagala and transporting it to Paro, where it's dried and distilled for export.

We’re proud to contribute to the success of this ethical distiller. As their stability grows, they’ll bring in more ethically cultivated and harvested essential oils that are unique to Bhutan — once again providing fair wages and jobs to the local community.

A grey haired woman sleeping under a grey comforter at nightUses

Jatamansi is best known for its sleep-inducing properties and vivid dream states that occur after use.

It’s also known for soothing grief and releasing subconscious trauma. It relieves stress and anxiety and calms the nervous system.

How to Use

Bhutan Jatamansi Essential Oil can be used like other jatamansi essential oils. It’s highly soporific, so should only be used when drowsiness and sleepiness are desired.

It should not be taken internally.


Dab a drop on the bottom of your feet and crown of your head before bedtime for relaxation, deep sleep, and deep meaningful dreams.


Combine with Jojoba Essential Oil or Argan Essential Oil for a moisturizing, body-calming massage. Use it all over the body or rub it in a circular pattern over the temples to reduce stress.


Add a few drops of Bhutan Jatamansi Essential Oil to your palms. Place your palms near your face and inhale from your nose deeply to experience a calming, relaxing, tension-reducing sensation.

Bhutan Jatamansi Essential OilBlending and Aroma

Our Bhutan Jatamansi Essential Oil has a softer, sweeter scent than any other jatamansi oil. Use it as a single-note perfume, emitting long-lasting earthy, warm tones. Its aromatherapeutic qualities are superior, and it’s even a celebrated tonic for the nervous system. A powerful sleep aid and a Vedic treatment against chronic insomnia, Jatamansi is reliable, predictable, and effective — without subsequent grogginess or fogginess the following day.

And because this new, unique Bhutan Jatamansi Essential Oil is made in such small batches, this limited release will go quickly! Add this magical, aromatic botanical to your collection, before we run out!

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