The Power of Lemon-Scented Essential Oils

September 15, 2021

The Power of Lemon-Scented Essential Oils

Would you love a new go-to essential oil that’s full of powerful therapeutic attributes — while offering a slightly softer-scented variation?

Lemon-scented oils might just be what you're looking for.

Lemon-scented oils come from a specific type of botanical, and are not blended with any citrus oil. These powerful oils are a specific subspecies of their better-known counterparts, but have a citrusy element to their fragrance — often softening the medicinal fragrance of these aromatic botanicals.

Why are Lemon-Scented Oils So Powerful?

Lemon-scented oils, particularly those we’ll cover below, excel at two things: respiratory health and mental clarity.

Many lemon-scented botanicals also have a camphorous aroma, which is cleansing to the breath, and opens up airways.

The lemon fragrance is uplifting, bright, and can clear the mind and balance emotions. This clarifying fragrance blends well with the air purifying camphor that these botanicals tend to exude.

Types of Lemon-Scented Oils


Lemon-Scented Eucalyptus Essential Oil’s unique scent is therapeutically similar to its eucalyptus counterparts but its sweeter, citrusy element softens the medicinal scent — distinguishing it from the typical cooling, penetrating fragrance of most eucalyptus.

Its citronella and camphoraceous notes benefit the respiratory tract and immune system, purifying the air and opening airways...

It’s also a disinfectant, making it a perfect cleaning ally for surfaces and air.

Lemon-Scented Eucalyptus Essential Oil’s sweet, citrusy, menthol fragrance is energizing and stimulating — and promotes physical and mental rejuvenation.

It also soothes an overworked or fatigued physical body, while its strong fragrance deters insects.

Directly inhale it, apply it topically, or use it in your favorite diffuser.


This essential oil is distilled from the leaves of lemon verbena, and has a sweet, soft, lemony fragrance. It has a lot of powerful benefits too.

It can be used to quell anxiety and depression.

It can reduce fevers.

Its anti-inflammatory properties can reduce pain in joints and muscles.

It can help with digestion, and like Lemon Eucalyptus, is beneficial to the respiratory system.

It is known to soothe headaches when rubbed on temples.

It also can be used to add cleaning power to DIY cleaning solutions, due to its antimicrobial properties. And, it’s an excellent bug repellant.


Lemongrass has a long history in ethnobotanical culture as a cleansing tool for temples, altars, shrines, sacred spaces, and homes. The grass stalks were soaked in water, and then the plant itself was used to scrub walls and surfaces for an antimicrobial cleansing.

Lemongrass Essential Oil concentrates the antimicrobial, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties of the lemongrass plant, and can also be a powerful tool for surface and atmospheric cleansing surfaces for colds and influenza.

It also has a tonifying, clarifying, and balancing effect for the muscular and nervous system, and can be added to herbal massage oil to reduce muscular-skeletal pain and inflammation, and strengthen muscles and connective tissues.

It is uplifting to the emotions, mentally stimulating, and physically energizing.

It’s a potent mosquito and bug repellant as well.

Because of its stimulating properties, it can also promote hair growth!

Blend 4 drops of Lemongrass Essential Oil, 8 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil, 2 drops of Cedar Essential Oil, and 4 drops of Lavender Essential Oil together. Once blended, place 2 drops into a teaspoon of Argan Oil. Massage into scalp, and rinse after 15 minutes.


Although there are actual plants, like those listed above, that are officially lemon-scented, this rarity, Wild Verbena Leaf Essential Oil, is not an official lemon-scented oil. However, it’s a cousin to Lemon-scented Verbena, and shares many attributes...

This oil is small-batch distilled, hard to find, holds powerful medicinal properties — and its tropical scent is truly unique. Think mango, fruity, boozy, poolside summertime drink… that’s the scent of Wild Verbena Leaf Essential Oil.

This multi-dimensional, aromatic fever tree essential oil gently relieves cough and congestion — especially in a change of season or winter months.

It also possesses antibacterial and disinfectant properties that make it a fragrant addition to any surface and air cleaning routine.

With its anti-inflammatory qualities, it’s a perfect pain-reliever to rub on joints, sore muscles, and overworked bodies.

It’s an incredible ally for fighting off insects, calming itchiness from bites, and soothing rashes and irritations.

Blending with Citrus Oil

We’ve talked about the benefits of lemon-scented oils (and their closely related oils), but is there a way to receive similar benefits from actual citrus oils?

Citrus oils tend to be cleansing, uplifting, energizing, and have antibacterial and disinfectant properties. Adding them to your favorite respiratory oils can certainly boost their effectiveness and properties!

We especially love to blend Wild Verbena Leaf Essential Oil with additional citrus to amp up those well-known citrusy attributes.


Citrus essential oils are celebrated for their clean, fresh scents — and how well they blend with other oils. They can be added to any scent that feels too heavy to produce a bright and enlivened quality...

A few favorites are:

Grapefruit Essential Oil, Red: We adore this revitalizing scent. Intensely citrusy, vibrant, and uplifting, this clarifying aroma will reset your emotional balance, ease your mind, and reduce stress and tension.

Lemon Essential Oil: Perhaps the most widely used and known citrus, Lemon Essential Oil: disinfects, freshens, deters insects, rejuvenates, and clears. And although the fruit itself is very sour, Lemon Essential Oil instead has a hint of sweet — and a zingy freshness and uplifting fragrance you’ll love.

Orange Essential Oil: This revitalizing, sweet essential oil is a fragrant joy to use in an essential oil blend or by itself. Add it to a diffuser to freshen the air, use it in your cleaning solutions, or add it to a perfume for a bright, uplifting delight.

Bergamot Essential Oil: Bright and sweet, this citrus oil has a universally adored aroma. Our unique Bergamot can be used on the hair and skin and in a diffuser to brighten moods and lift spirits.

How to Use Lemon-Scented Essential Oil or Citrus Blends

The above-mentioned oils can be applied topically when diluted with a carrier oil, as a compress, in the bath, through direct inhalation, or used with a diffuser. Adding lemon-scented oils or citrus oils to your essential oil blends will add a freshness that can balance floral, pine, herb, or menthol scents to make them lighter and fresher.

(Please always be aware of the photosensitivity of citrus oils, and avoid exposure to sunlight after application.)


Diffuse to help purify the air, and inhale for clear airways. Try blending Wild Verbena Leaf Essential Oil and Lemon-Scented Eucalytpus for a fruity, cleansing diffusion. Add Bergamot Essential Oil for a sweeter aroma.


Create an air mist by adding a few drops of Wild Verbena Leaf Essential Oil and Lemon Essential Oil, and Spearmint Essential Oil to water in a spray bottle. It will freshen up the air and reduce pet odors.


Add 6 drops Peppermint Essential Oil, 2 drops Lemon-Scented Eucalyptus Essential Oil, 2 drops of Orange Essential Oil and 4 drops Wild Verbena Leaf Essential Oil to steaming water and inhale several times daily when congested. To create a chest rub, add these oils to ½ oz unscented balm and rub on the chest as needed.


Add 1 part water, 1 part distilled white vinegar, and several drops of Lemon-Scented Eucalyptus Essential Oil and Lemongrass Essential Oil to a spray bottle. Shake well and use on surfaces as an organic cleanser. Try adding a citrus oil like Grapefruit Essential Oil, Red for additional cleaning power and to sweeten the fragrance.


Diffuse Lemon-Scented Eucalyptus Essential Oil or Wild Verbena Leaf Essential Oil to disinfect and repel insects. Or add several drops to a small amount of distilled water in a spray bottle. Try adding Rosemary Essential Oil, Verbenone, and Lavender Essential Oil, Bulgaria, and Lemon Essential Oil to boosting your insect repelling powers and create more complex, enjoyable scent (to humans, anyway).

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Want to Learn More?

Interested in a deeper understanding of lemon-scented oils for respiratory health, cleansing, and mental clarity? Check out David’s Instagram Live recording here to go deeper into the benefits of Lemon-Scented Tea Tree Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Lemon-Scented Eucalyptus Essential, Lemon Balm Essential Oil, Wild Verbena Leaf Essential Oil, and Lemon Essential Oil (and other citruses).

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