Therapeutic Properties of Cypress Essential Oil

March 7, 2022

Therapeutic Properties of Cypress Essential Oil

High in the mountains of Bhutan, a Buddhist kingdom on the eastern edge of the Himalayas, comes our Bhutan Cypress Essential Oil

This Bhutan variety of Cypress is perfect for your diffuser or any aromatherapy formulation to:

  • Calm your mood
  • Sleep more soundly
  • Balance your hormones
  • Deepen and expand the breath
  • Repel insects
  • Clear heavy, stagnant air around you

Cypress is a hardwood evergreen tree with thick bark and thin, slender branches that form a decorative conical shape. The aromatic wood is resistant to termites and insects and produces a valuable medicinal essential oil that has been used for a myriad of ailments for ages.

Anti-inflammatory, astringent, breath-supporting, clarifying, cleansing, and invigorating, Bhutan Cypress Essential Oil offers a wide range of therapeutic applications.

How to Use Cypress Essential Oil

aromatherapy diffuser with steam coming out o f top and a soft gray woolen material bunched up behind

Bhutan Cypress Essential Oil can be diffused, added to a carrier oil or balm for massage or an acute inflammation rub, combined with skincare products, added to DIY cleaning solutions or air-freshening sprays.

(It’s safe to use topically when diluted with a carrier oil like Jojoba. It’s non-toxic and non-irritating, but should not be ingested or taken internally.)

Check out our suggestions for how to use this most valuable oil and enjoy its innumerable mind-body-spirit boosting benefits.

Add a drop or two of Bhutan Cypress Essential Oil to a diffuser to help purify the air, and inhale for powerful lung support and clear airways.

hand using white spray bottle with light blue top to spray a section of dark gray couch or chair

Reduce stubborn aromas from pets, trash, and more by making a super simple air freshener. Add a few drops of Bhutan Cypress Essential Oil to water in a spray bottle. Shake and spritz around the kitchen, your pet’s favorite napping spot, and anywhere else that needs a little freshening up. If you have it, you may add isopropyl alcohol or even vodka to better disperse the oil throughout the water. Cypress blends well with citrus oils, so

consider adding Orange Essential Oil, Sweet or Lemon Essential Oil for an uplifting purification mist.

For a warm, spicy twist, add this aromatically delectable Ginger Essential Oil.

Add several drops to ½ oz of Rosehip Seed Oil and apply as a chest rub to encourage open and clear breathing.

person kneeling and spraying from a white bottle with blue top onto wood floor with rag in hand, while small orange cat watches with its back to us.

Add 1 part water, 1 part vinegar, and several drops of Bhutan Cypress Essential Oil to a spray bottle. Shake well and use on surfaces as an organic cleanser. Consider adding Lemon-Scented Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Forest Essential Oil Blend, or Grapefruit Essential Oil, Red for additional cleaning power and fragrance.

Feeling anxious? Stress piling up? Take a time out to settle and refocus. Simply add a drop or two to your palms and rub them together. Bring your hands up to your face and inhale deeply to lift your mood and relieve anxiety.

Cypress is a natural insect repellent. Consider diffusing with some citronella or Lemon-Scented Eucalyptus Essential Oil to repel insects. You can also use this combination diluted in a carrier oil on wrists and ankles. For more complex scents and additional bug-repellent properties, add Rosemary Essential Oil, Verbenone, or Lavender Essential Oil, Bulgaria.

two hands rubbing the top of a foot with thumbs at the top of the foot near the toes while the person appears to sit on something with a white cloth that has dots behind it.  The cuff of a jean material is just visible on the leg, nails are unpainted.

Add several drops of Bhutan Cypress Essential Oil to a carrier oil, such as Jojoba Carrier Oil. Massage into skin as needed to comfort muscles and joints, or use as an anti-inflammatory rub on aching joints, like elbows and knees.

Bhutan Cypress can open airways and support the respiratory

system. Add 6 drops of Cypress Essential Oil and 2 drops of Breathe Essential Oil Blend to steaming water and inhale several times throughout the day.

woman's face leaning over cupped hands with water falling from fingers in white top.

If your skin is oily, cypress can help. Add a drop or two to your skincare routine, either in your cleanser or moisturizer. It is drying, so avoid use with alcohol-based products. It’s antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral, making it great for acne and spot treatments when diluted.

woman in meditation pose on wooden table with wooden cabinet in back wearing bright sari and pants

During your moon cycle, blend Bhutan Cypress Essential Oil with Jasmine Absolute Oil, Night Blooming, and Clary Sage Essential Oil. Mix with a carrier oil like Argan Oil 4oz and add to a roll-on. This lovely aromatic concoction can be used any time of the month but is especially supportive during a moon cycle to balance emotions and reduce stress.

Cypress can add in the relaxation of the body, mind, and spirit. For a simple sleep solution, simply add a couple drops of cypress onto a tissue and place it near the bed or under your pillow.

Or consider adding cypress and Dream Essential Oil Blend to a diffuser and an hour before bedtime to enhance your sleep as well as your dreams.

Incredible Benefits for Your Health & Beyond

Cypress is the national tree of Bhutan and is considered sacred there. Its ability to not only survive, but grow tall and straight, even in the most rugged and harsh terrains has earned it recognition as a symbol of simplicity, hardiness, and bravery of the Bhutanese. It is often planted near religious places and monasteries, and its wood has been used as incense for thousands of years.

Karma Tshetem, a bhutanese man from shoulders up wearing a dark blue button up shirt with a white stripe and an aqua shirt underneath.

Our partnership with Bhutanese distiller, Karma Tshetem, has created an opportunity to harvest cypress trees sustainably, and bring their sacred, revered characteristics to our devoted supporters.

Karma is a trailblazing ethical distiller who is working hard to bring reliable economic opportunities to Bhutan’s local communities. The first of its kind in Bhutan, this distillery

sustainably balances the protection and respect of local ecosystems with a reliable source of income for locals.

Karma pays fair and equitable wages to the harvesters and transporters, as they carefully prune branches of cypress as tall as 150 feet. These prolific trees are sprinkled throughout the remote Himalayan mountains and valleys, and the community members carefully harvest and transport the fresh botanicals through the rugged landscape via horseback.

At Floracopeia, we strive to create a sustainable botanical business that provides environmental, social, and economic benefits to the communities where botanicals are grown, harvested, and distilled, so you can feel good about your beauty and health routine when you use your favorite Floracopeia products. That’s why all of our oils are organic, ethically sourced, and fresh when they get to you. Learn more about Karma and his ethical distillery here.

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