Travels with Hamid: A Closer Look

January 23, 2018

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Aromatic treasures gathered from far reaches of the globe share their worldly wisdom and magic with us. When you power on your diffuser, you fill your space with the essence of places and environments as much as the essence of plants. Travels With Hamid offers a unique experience to follow Sara and David Crow on a pilgrimage deep into the heart of Morocco. Take a journey to the land of Rose, Neroli, and Argan. Visit the homes of Moroccan people. Travel through the bustling cities of Fez, Marrakech, and Casa Blanca. Become intimate with the origin story of your favorite botanicals as you deepen your relationship to your plant medicines.

“Our first stop was an aromatic plant garden that Hamid knew about. About an hour outside of Marrakech… I didn’t understand the whole story about the origin of this place, and didn’t really care. This garden had been created by a doctor, Hamid had said; they produced medicines from what they grew here.

It was nice to be surrounded by so many well-known botanical friends, all enclosed by high walls. Here were mandalas of mints, patterns of geraniums, rows of artemisias, hedges of rosemary and trellises of roses, interspersed with flowering pomegranate trees, arbors of willows, small groves of olives and figs and citruses, then more herb gardens. Water flowed through a simple aqueduct system, cooling the air and giving soft music.

We wandered through the landscape, enjoying its timeless peace. As I contemplated the stark contrast between what lay outside the walls and this tiny Eden inside them an old memory returned, an epiphany that dawned on me years ago in the rose fields of Rajasthan that has lived with me since: all that is needed to create a heavenly world is intelligent agriculture.”

~David and Sara Crow, Travels with Hamid

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