Unconventional Aromatherapy: 10 New Ways to REFRESH Your Space With Essential Oils

September 4, 2020

Unconventional Aromatherapy: 10 New Ways to REFRESH Your Space With Essential Oils

Everyone wants their home to smell great. With the right essential oils, though, your house can smell fresh and amazing — while also elevating your mood, boosting your immune system, and keeping your living space free of toxic chemicals.

You might already have most of the essential oils you’ll need to enjoy these different methods — or you can stock up right here.

Then have fun putting these natural powerhouses to good use — maybe in some brand-new ways you haven’t tried before.

1. Create your own furnace filter diffuser 

Why not start by scenting your entire home? Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to your furnace filter. Before you know it, the scent will move into each room — and diffuse once again every time the furnace turns on.

2. Add a drop inside each drawer

Place a few drops of essential oil onto a tissue or cotton-wool ball, then place it inside your bureau drawers to lightly scent your clothing.

Every time you open the drawer, a light wave of your favorite fragrance will drift your way. Meanwhile, your clothes will absorb the scent.

Jasmine, ylang ylang, and rose geranium are all great examples of sensual scents that can freshen your clothing. If you prefer an even lighter scent, you might find that lavender kashmir fits the bill.

3. Discreetly freshen your bathroom

Put a few drops of your favorite essential oil onto cotton-wool balls and place them around your bathroom, just out of sight.

You can get creative, placing a few drops on the cardboard toilet paper roll, on any dried flower arrangements in the bathroom, or just about anywhere you can think of.

Throw out your synthetic bathroom air-fresheners and welcome in the natural aroma of your favorite essential oils — juniper, silver fir, or lemon are reliable choices. These oils all work beautifully together and are great fun to mix and match.

4. Mask odors while you cook

To neutralize household cooking odors while you’re preparing a meal, just bring an extra pan of water on the stove to a simmer, then add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the water — cinnamon, gingergrass, or rosemary all work perfectly.

5. Refresh Your tissue box

Carefully open the cardboard tissue container and place a few drops of oil on the inside of the box. The cardboard will soak up the essential oils — and also release a tiny puff of fragrance each time you pull out a new tissue.

6. Keep a homemade freshening mist close by

Stale air can crop up anywhere in your home. Take care of it right on the spot by just adding a few drops of essential oil to a spray-bottle full of water. Shake the mixture well, then mist it around any room that needs some brightening.

Palo santo, cedar, and tulsi are great choices for your freshening mist.

7. Keep your cupboards smelling fresh

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to a couple of cotton-wool balls, then place them evenly around the inside of your cupboards.

8. Create homemade floral potpourri  

Your favorite scents can also serve as home decor when you use beautiful potpourri bowls scented with essential oils.

Create your own with dried flowers, essential oil, and any other trinkets you feel called to include.

First, dry out the flowers by tying the stems together with some twine and hanging them upside down. You might need to give them a couple of weeks to fully dry out.

Then simply put your flowers in a container and add in a few drops of essential oil. For the very best results, close the container and let the flowers absorb the oil for a couple of weeks. When you open the container, you can easily freshen up any room.

To start out simply with your first batch, try some dried flowers, lavender oil, and maybe add in some rocks for a decorative touch.

9. Refresh your well-tread carpets

To refresh stale carpet smells, just add ten drops of essential oil to 200 grams of baking soda or cornstarch. Mix them well and store in an airtight container for about two days.

Be sure to stir the mixture one last time before use. Then sprinkle it onto your carpets, leaving the mixture to sink in for a few hours. Vacuum the carpets and enjoy the clean, fresh-smelling carpets throughout your home.

10. Pop some freshness in your dryer

Using essential oils in your tumble-dryer is a simple way to quickly add fragrance to your clothing. Just take your favorite essential oils, add a few drops to a small piece of cloth or towel, and place it in your dryer.

To create a soft and gentle aroma, choose a combination of citrus (try bergamot, grapefruit, orange, or rose geranium.)

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