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‘We Don't Eat to Feed the Body, We Eat to Feed the Microbiome’

August 14, 2020

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And Other Teachings You’ll Receive at the Plant Medicine for Modern Epidemics Summit By David Crow

What are the most effective ways to stay safe and well during this pandemic? If you’re unsure, you’re not alone.

Unfortunately, there are many conflicting messages and unknown factors regarding how to stay well right now — which means many people are living with a lot of fear and anxiety...

This great need is one of the many reasons I’m pleased and honored to be hosting the Plant Medicine for Modern Epidemics Summit. It’s a timely gathering of Ayurvedic and integrative medicine doctors, and botany and ecology experts — and we need their wisdom more than ever.

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Each will share their multifaceted approaches to healing and renewing the body by allying with nature — including clear, practical ways you can bring this wisdom into your daily life.

I hope you’ll join us — there’s still time to register.

As your host, I wanted to share just a few of the healing concepts you can explore, and introduce you to some celebrated speakers who’ll be sharing their wisdom during this 5-day event.

In the 13-minute video below, I give you a taste of just a few profound teachings you’ll receive in the summit, including:

  • What we can learn from Mongolian culture’s 6,000 types of fermented dairy products from just five different animals — and their very unique tradition that results in a super-potent fermented drink (real kombucha)... 
  • The meaning behind the Mongolian people’s principle that we don't eat to feed the body, we eat to feed the microbiome
  • How animals who grazed on certain types of plants ended up producing milk that was heavily concentrated with plant medicine  — and what I learned long ago from an old Yogi called the Milk Baba, who’d lived only on milk since he was 16
  • And more

Plant Medicine for Modern Epidemics Summit: Host David Crow’s Sneak Peek

During the summit, you’ll learn to incorporate herbs throughout your day and think in terms of the biorhythm of your body and digestive tract. 

What should you take before meals? What’s best to take before bed? What’s ideal to take when you first wake up? During the summit, you’ll discover answers to these questions that will open you to entirely new ways of taking charge of your health.

I’d like to introduce you to a few of the fascinating teachers who’ll be sharing about the subjects of fermented foods and supporting your microbiome:

  • My good friend William Siff will share how to bring plant medicine into your daily biorhythm and the seasonal biorhythm, too — both for healing and prevention. A world traveler, he’ll also explain how, for instance, the way tea farmers in Japan relate to the tea plant is very different from the way we relate to it. And he’ll share some truly profound implications for our relationship with plants in general, as he weaves them back into culture and ceremony.
  • Khulan Enkhtaivan will share ancient Mongolian wisdom around food therapy. She’s a student and practitioner who’s passionate about bringing Mongolian medicine to the West.
  • Karen Wang Diggs will show us simple, safe, and fun ways to make homemade fermented foods. She’ll explain the synergy between your gut microbiome and wellbeing, and why bacteria is your ally in boosting immunity, cognitive function, and energy.
  • Mark Blumenthal will share the most current quality-control information regarding popular immune-boosting herbs — much-needed information right now, as more people than ever have rushed off to buy herbs in the wake of Covid-19. He’ll also explain how the medicinal potency of Northern Hemisphere herbs is changing in response to global warming.

When we’re operating in a state of constant fear, a number of stress hormones are amplified and secreted into the blood. Over time, these can negatively affect your health, causing a host of maladies, from panic and anxiety... to rage and depression... to digestive problems and physiological breakdowns.

This summit will help you clear the extraneous noise and anxiety-soaked information surrounding public health — empowering you with expert-level, practical, and responsible insights into the best plant medicine and natural health strategies for your needs.

JOIN US for this FREE ONLINE EVENT Plant Medicine for Modern Epidemics Summit Monday, August 24 – Friday, August 28 YOU CAN REGISTER for FREE HERE

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