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WEBINAR: Top 10 Essential Oils for the Home Pharmacy with David Crow

September 13, 2017

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Do you want to build your aromatherapy home pharmacy but aren’t sure where to start?

Are you already using essential oils at home, and want to increase the effectiveness of your home collection?

Watch this free webinar to discover which oils to use for everything from the flu to stress to skin irritation. You’ll get recipes for calming baths, soothing compresses, stimulating diffuser blends, and healing body oils.  You’ll learn effective and safe applications, and which practices to avoid when practicing aromatherapy at home.

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Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Learn:

  • The best oils for boosting your body’s natural immune function
  • How to use essential oils to relieve congestion and inflammation in the respiratory system
  • Important safety concerns: how and when you should NOT use certain oils
  • The best essential oils for calming irritable and rowdy children
  • The #1 oil for skin care, boosting wound healing and breaking down scar tissue
  • A simple recipe to promote deep, restful sleep and pleasant dreams
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