Why You Should Start Using Botanical-Based, Natural Perfumes Right Now

August 19, 2021

Why You Should Start Using Botanical-Based, Natural Perfumes Right Now

Here at Floracopeia, we're all about fragrances. We love the scents of nature and the healing properties of botanical essential oils. 

But what we love most is that they aren’t derived from a factory or lab. There’s no tar, petroleum, or toxic ingredients in our botanicals. They’re naturally derived, pure, safe, healthy scents and wellbeing products.

And we’ll choose them every time over conventional perfumes and colognes...and if you keep reading, you likely will, too.

Conventional Perfumes: Toxic Ingredients

Perfumes and colognes have a dreamy, romantic appeal. Despite their marketing, and even their incredible aromas, there’s a dark side to the ingredients used in synthetically developed perfumes.


If you take a look at your body wash, laundry soap, candles, and perfume, you’ll likely see the word fragrance listed as an ingredient. What does that refer to?

woman smelling perfumes at store

The FDA defines “fragrance” as “any natural or synthetic substance used solely to impart an odor to a cosmetic product.” Not very specific, right? And the FDA allows the word “fragrance” to be used instead of the actual ingredients — so the company’s formula for that product isn’t publicized. Whether intended or not, this use of the word “fragrance” as a stand-in for specific ingredients protects the bottom lines of companies, not the health of consumers.

There are many ingredients the word “fragrance” could be standing in for. According to Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, the International Fragrance Association lists 3,059 possible additives that could create a fragrance compound. Many haven’t been tested for safety, which is bad enough. However, several of them have been tested and are linked to health issues, such as allergies, reproductive issues, hormone disruption, cancers, and more. And the U.S. National Academy of Sciences considers some fragrance ingredients to be high priority for neurotoxicity testing, along with other known hazards like insecticides and heavy metals.

Not exactly what you want to be spritzing on your skin daily...

How can you tell which chemicals are in your perfume when they can be masked under the vague term “fragrance”?


Parabens are used as preservatives to prolong the shelf life of cosmetics, like perfumes. They are known to affect the endocrine system and hormone production because they mimic estrogen. This can lead to abnormal development and growth of breast tissue and has been linked to breast cancer.


woman in chemistry lab

Also a preservative, phthalates are considered carcinogens as well. The kidneys, liver, reproductive system, and thyroid are all gravely affected by phthalates, which build up in tissue over time.

Everyone is susceptible to the adverse effects of these chemicals, which are common in perfumes and colognes. Pregnant women, children, and fetuses, however, are at an even higher risk.

Benefits of Botanical Perfumes

girl in pink flower garden

It’s a rather dreary outlook for those who love perfumes, scented laundry soap, air fresheners, and lotions.

Thankfully, there are safer alternatives to synthetic fragrances.

Organic botanicals, such as essential oils, attars, and carrier oils can be used for scents like perfumes, air fresheners, and even in your laundry for a fresh aroma that won’t create health issues.

The benefits of selecting organic botanicals over chemically-developed synthetic perfumes are undeniable.

woman with pink flowers


When you use organic botanicals, you won’t see the word fragrance. You won’t have to guess what’s in the bottle.

When you choose Floracopeia, you’ll always know the exact ingredients in your perfumes and essential oils — they’re natural, organic, and recognizable, with no hidden additives or synthetics.


Not only do botanical perfumes smell amazing, many will have health benefits, too.

While chemical perfumes emit toxins to the wearer and others around them, botanical perfumes emit aromatherapeutic properties. Many deliver relaxing effects, like lavender or clary sage. Many citrus-based oils are uplifting and energizing. Jasmine or rose-based perfume can inspire openness, centeredness, and even a little romance.

field of pink flowers


Since botanicals come directly from the earth — their cultivation is important to the quality of the oils, as well as the ecosystem they grow in.

Here at Floracopeia, we prioritize eco-friendly methods for cultivation and harvesting. Many of our botanicals are purchased through distillers and growers whose methods regenerate the land, grow organically, and sustain the species in their region.

When done correctly, the business of organic botanicals can foster healthy ecosystems and protect valuable species.

woman in garden of pink flowers


In addition to ecosystem repair and sustainability, Floracopeia’s business model supports small growers, harvesters, distillers, and distributors. It’s important to us that our partnerships create economic sustainability and ecological wellbeing in small, local communities — while encouraging organic, responsible, conscientious engagement with people, land, and botanicals.


Natural ingredients, organic botanicals, and aromatherapeutic properties make botanical perfumes safer and healthier for humans.

Our additional focus on ecological and economical sustainability across the world makes our botanical perfumes healthier for the planet.

An Example: Rose-Infused Botanical Perfume Roll-on

basket of pink flowers

When it comes to botanical perfumes, you’ll often find rose as an ingredient. It’s scent is romantic, sweet, soft, floral, and it blends delightfully with other oils — it’s even known as the supreme bridging oil for its function as the middle note in many perfumes.

Our organic Rose Infused Botanical Perfume Roll-On features the full-bodied aromatic character of a fine perfume. It has a jojoba oil base infused with the CO2 extraction of the potently fragrant Rose, organically grown, hand-picked, and traditionally distilled. It’s velvety… romantic… elevating... and completely natural.

Instead of synthetic preservatives, this perfume comes in a violet glass bottle. The color of the bottle protects the contents inside from harmful, deteriorating wavelengths of light, allowing only violet wavelengths to penetrate, which help preserve the precious floral botanical inside.

Instead of emitting toxic chemicals that can cause headaches, skin irritation, hormonal disruptions, and more, this perfume emits powerful aromatherapeutic properties that elevate the mood, restore emotional vitality, calm the nervous system, and can be used as an antidepressant.

If you’re ready to make the switch to healthy, safe, sustainable, natural perfumes, consider our attars and perfumesessential oils, or Rose Infused Botanical Perfume Roll-On.

In fact, we’re making it easy for you! When you spend $100 or more at Floracopeia, you’ll get our Rose Roll-on for FREE! This offer expires on August 24, 2021 — so stock up on all your Floracopeia favorites, and enjoy a Rose Roll-on, on us!

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