Wintertime Routines & Recipes

January 3, 2022

Wintertime Routines & Recipes

Wintertime Routines & Recipes 

For Respiratory Health, a Balanced Mood & Radiant Skin

When the weather changes, your skincare, health, and self-care routines may change, too.

And when winter comes, there are a few important elements of your wellbeing that you should pay special attention to: respiratory system, mood, and skin. 

Let’s take a look at how you can use our ethically sourced botanicals to stay positive and combat the winter blues, prevent and fight illness, and nourish your dry skin all winter long.

Respiratory Health in Winter

Essential oils are proven respiratory aids. When used in aromatherapy, they have powerful antimicrobial effects, working directly on the respiratory system. They can help relieve breathing difficulties brought on by a stubborn cough, lingering congestion, chronic mucus, asthma, bronchitis, and much more.


Here are a few ways you can use essential oils for respiratory health to stop the spread of germs, alleviate symptoms of coughs and the flu, and recover more quickly.

Diffuser with oils and flowers

In a diffuser. The aromatherapy experience is beneficial, not just for your respiratory issues, but also for general atmospheric purification, sinus health, and headaches.

For example, diffusing these essential oils not only provides breath support but can purify the air, preventing the spread of illness:

white bathtub with plants and windows in plain room

In a hot bath: Put 5-10 drops mixed with sea salt directly in the bath.

This method relieves respiratory discomfort, as well as skin problems, stress, insomnia — plus circulatory, muscular, and menstrual issues.

For respiratory soothing options in your bath that will also play nice with your skin, try:

On a chest or forehead compress: Add 4-8 drops of oils to four hot water. Soak a cloth in the mixture, then apply it to your chest or forehead for relief of headaches, congestion, and cough.

These picks are perfect on a compress and support your body’s defense system:

In a soothing facial steam: Place 1-5 drops of your favorite oil in hot water in a pot, then cover your head with a towel and simply lean over to breathe in the steam and let it open up your sinuses. It may relieve headaches, sinus pressure, treat colds and flu, and has an added benefit of offering a soothing facial!

Try steaming these oils to bring out their illness-fighting superpowers:

For a powerful decongestant, steam these Floracopeia favorites:

Mood Health In Winter

The winter blues are a real thing. With less exposure to sunlight and less activity, our moods can suffer.

Aromatherapy and natural botanicals can support emotional balance and lift your mood to support your overall wellbeing. 


woman in snow with arms out in joy

Mood-Boosting Perfume: Mix 10-15 drops of essential oil into a carrier oil, like Jojoba Carrier Oil. Use regenerative Vetiver Essential Oil (fantastic for the skin!) or Bergamot Essential Oil as an uplifting perfume. Dab on pulse points like wrists, or behind the ears. 

Rejuvenating Massage Oil: Massage can be a wonderful self-care effort, soothing muscles, easing your mind, and settling your soul. Like the perfume, you’ll want a carrier oil to dilute the essential oils. We love Flower of the Sun Essential Oil Blend, too, for massage oil.

Clary Sage Essential Oil, lavender, frankincense, and Chamomile Essential Oil are rejuvenating for both the mood and skin, offering double benefits to a skin-moisturizing massage.

perfume bottle with lavender sprig next to it

Uplifting Room Spray: Add water, witch hazel, and 10-20 drops of essential oils to a small spray bottle.

For an immediate pick-me-up, blend Grapefruit Essential Oil, Red, Bergamot Essential Oil, and Lavender Essential Oil, Bulgaria into a delightful, uplifting, and calming concoction to spritz or diffuse throughout your space. 

Our Centered Collection provides the grounding power you need to calm your mind and focus your intention, especially when you feel overwhelmed or under energized. It features Centered Essential Oil Blend, Vetiver Essential Oil, and our Female Balance Essential Oil Blend Roll-On to mix and match to meet your needs.

Skin Health in Winter

Indoor heat, reduced humidity, cold, winter wind, and hot showers are just some of the reasons our skin gets dried out in the winter. Not only is dry, flaky, itchy skin uncomfortable — it’s also unhealthy for the outermost layer of your skin. Protecting your skin in winter is important to keeping your skin healthy and nourished all year long.


Replace Your Cleanser: In the winter, switch out your drying face soap. Consider our abundantly talented Immortelle Cleansing Dew, a facial oil that doubles as an effective cleanser and facial massage oil to transform and rejuvenate the skin at the deepest level, the dermis. Keeps skin clean and removes environmental debris, while hydrating and restoring.

Facial Steam: Along with easing respiratory issues as we mentioned above, a facial steam can also open up pores and cleanse the skin. Add Frankincense Essential Oil, Serrata to your facial steam, and breath and steam for 15 minutes. Afterwards, pat your face, and apply Nectar of Immortelle Facial Rejuvenation Serum for a wonderful facial experience.

person smiling with 3 dabs of cream on upper arm

Post Bath Hydration: Showers can dry skin out. After your shower or bath, gently dry off, and on moist skin, apply Golden Beauty Body Crème. This silky full-body moisturizer is packed with luscious plant butters, essential oils, and herbs for advanced hydration and renewal. Do this every shower and your skin will love you!

Full Body Winter Skincare Routine: Get full-body wintertime hydration with our Radiant Rose Collection. Morning and night, or when your skin is slightly damp after bathing, apply Radiant Rose Body Serum from the collection all over your body. Then gently massage a few drops of Radiant Rose Glow Serum onto your face, finishing with Radiant Rose Facial Mist. Finish your beauty routine by applying Radiant Rose Eye Crème in 360 degrees around the eyes.

Winter Wellbeing on the Go

Prioritizing your health this winter means having powerful botanicals with you no matter where you are.

Roll-ons: Try Breathe Essential Oil Blend Roll-On for respiratory comfort, even when you are on the go. Spirit Blend Roll-On will restore emotional balance and evoke spirituality. Head Aid Essential Oil Blend Roll-On will reduce the discomfort of headaches.

hands dropping a drop of serum from a dropper

Palm inhalation: This works for respiratory woes or when your mood needs a pick me up. Add a few drops of your desired essential oil to your palm, rub your hands together and place them over your nose and mouth. Inhale deeply a few times for soothing aromatherapeutic benefits.

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Here’s a list of the botanicals mentioned above in our Winter Health recommendations:


Chamomile Essential Oil: respiratory, skin, mood

Lavender Essential Oil, Kashmir: respiratory, skin, mood

Lavender Essential Oil, Bulgaria: respiratory, skin, mood

Frankincense Essential Oil, Serrata: respiratory, skin, mood

Rosemary Essential Oil, Verbenone: for respiratory, skin, mood

Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Radiata: respiratory

Peppermint Essential Oil: respiratory

Breathe Essential Oil Blend: respiratory

Centered Collection: mood

Grapefruit Essential Oil, Red: mood

Bergamot Essential Oil: mood


Breathe Essential Oil Blend Roll-On

Head Aid Essential Oil Blend Roll-On

Spirit Blend Roll-On


Flower of the Sun Essential Oil Blend

Jojoba Carrier Oil: readily absorbed because its makeup mimics the skin’s sebum


Golden Beauty Body Crème

Immortelle Cleansing Dew

Nectar of Immortelle Facial Rejuvenation Serum

Radiant Rose Collection

Learn other ways to create your own botanical medicines, including David Crow's expert advice on combining herbs and oils for respiratory relief, over at

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