Body Relief

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Concentrated topical relief to promote bodily comfort, flexibility and flow.

About Body Relief

An aromatic pleasure, this highly concentrated treatment oil expertly addresses bodily discomfort. It is designed to bring quick relief while providing cumulative benefits for any area that suffers from decreased function, flow, and flexibility.

Revered essential oils including Coriscan helichysum and frankincense unite with multitalented wildflower essences to relieve problem areas such as joints, muscles, neck, and shoulders. A smart botanical solution to increase circulation, soften constriction, and move stagnated lymph. For those with an active lifestyle, it brings reliable relief and speeds healing after a workout.

Body Relief’s gorgeous aromatic profile provides emotional and spiritual healing to increase health, harmony, and comfort.

How To Use Body Relief

  • As a concentrated spot treatment: Rub a small amount on troubled areas.
  • To increase circulation and move stagnated lymph: Massage a small amount as needed to gently detox and promote comfort.


100% Organic and wildcrafted. Jojoba oil infused with the essential oils of Corsican helichrysum, rose geranium, mandarin, frankincense, and opopanax.

Bottle Size: 2 oz

Body Relief Oil, 2 oz.

Bottle Size:
2 oz
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