Boswellic Balm

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Boswellic Balm is a unique topical salve to ease pain and inflammation, while nourishing your skin. It contains Frankincense papyrifera extract that’s rich in boswellic acid — along with creamy, sweet, unrefined Nilotica Shea butter from East Africa.

With its light, bright scent, this Floracopeia exclusive features zero synthetic additives, a unique extraction method, and a whole-plant preparation process.  New, improved formula contains Frankincense serrata essential oil for a stronger frankincense aroma, and even more skin soothing benefits!

About Boswellic Balm

Our Boswellic Balm is created using an extract of Frankincense papyrifera resin that’s naturally high in boswellic acid. Boswellic acid is superior for treating inflammation and pain.

This unique balm works on the underlying inflammation that causes pain, and should be used several times a day for a cumulative healing effect on affected joints.  Unlike analgesic balms, Boswellic Balm is meant to reduce the inflammation causing pain.  The effect is not immediate pain relief, but rather long term healing and pain relief.

While the pharmaceutical extracts of boswellic acid found in many capsules and creams have synthetic additives, this balm is a whole-plant preparation. It combines the skin-soothing benefits of frankincense with the incredible anti-inflammatory action of boswellic acid.

This extract is then combined with creamy, sweet unrefined Nilotica Shea butter. Nilotica Shea is higher in olein content — and softer and creamier — than traditional West African Shea butters.

Nilotica Shea is difficult to source, and we’re honored to partner with our Nilotica source to protect valuable trees while also supporting the economic growth of the regional tribes. Our shea butter is produced using a cutting-edge technology that uses zero chemicals.

Frankincense papyrifera resin also produces an essential oil that’s become a Floracopeia customer favorite. The essential oil of Frankincense does not contain boswellic acid.

Our chemist/distiller in Ethiopia has developed an extraction method to create the boswellic acid rich resin tincture that we are using in this balm. He macerates the resin in alcohol, then carefully filters and removes the alcohol from the finished extract. This yields very high levels of boswellic acid. Our balm contains up to 8% boswellic acid.

Boswellic balm has the light, bright scent that makes our Frankincense papyrifera essential oil such a favorite. It’s combined with shea butter to produce a whole-plant medicinal balm for pain that nourishes the skin.

How To Use:

  • Apply to joints and massage gently. Repeat 3–4 times daily or as needed.
  • For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children.

Ingredients: Unrefined, organic Nilotica Shea Butter (Vitellaria nilotica), extract of wild harvested frankincense (Boswellia papyrifera), and essential oil of wild-harvested frankincense (Boswellia serrata).

Bottle Size: 1 oz. (30 mL)


Bottle Size:
1 oz. (30mL)
Country of Origin:
Ethiopia, India & Uganda
Frankincense extract and essential oil & Nilotica Shea Butter
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