Carpe Diem Diffuser Collection

$ 69

Motivate + Manifest

About the Carpe Diem Diffuser Collection

For the artistic, the ambitious, the motivational.

Contains Forest Essential Oil Blend, Centered Essential Oil Blend, and Rosemary Essential Oil.

About Rosemary Essential Oil

Activate your mind, commit to the moment, refresh your energy with herbaceous synergy.

About Forest Essential Oil Blend

Clear your head with the aromatics of fresh mountain air.

About Centered Essential Oil Blend

Manifest your deepest intent and relax into the now with lavender and palo santo.

Carpe Diem Diffuser Collection

  • soothing light colored rosewood diffuser to bring the forest into your home
  • Mandala Diffuser
  • Sleek glass mosaic aromatherapy diffuser
  • Metal essential oil diffuser
  • Elegant Color-changing Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Color changing Faux Birch Diffuser
  • holidaypicks, lavender, palo santo, aromatherapy, focus, grounded, ground, center, centered
  • Forest essential oil Blend brings the fragrance of the forest into your home purifying the air
  • rosemary verbenone essential oil for aromatherapy
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