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Centered Essential Oil Blend

16 Reviews
A powerful, versatile blend of two Floracopeia signature oils, this blend provides grounding power to center your mind and focus your intentions.

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About Centered Essential Oil Blend

A powerful blend of two Floracopeia signature oils, Palo Santo and Lavender Kashmir, Centered offers you grounding power to center your mind and intentions. Centered Blend is versatile and useful every day. It is the ideal blend to keep in your pocket, purse, or desk to inhale throughout the day to bring the mind back to a calm and focused state. Many of us face times during the day where we feel a sense of overwhelm or overstimulation; this blend is created for those very moments.

Using our Centered Blend will assist you in achieving success with your goals and dreams. Centered allows your mind, heart and intention to turn towards what you seek to create in your life. We designed this blend to be a powerful guide throughout the day, especially for use in those moments where your energy or thought patterns become dispersed and distracted. A new daily routine of deep palm inhalation with this blend will allow you to apply your intentions and center your mind.

Centered is a remarkable, aromatically splendid blend that can be enjoyed by all members of the family. The depth of palo santo clears the mind as the sweet lavender creates a calm and cool, peaceful space for your dreams to manifest.

How to Use Centered Essential Oil Blend

  • Direct Palm Inhalation: CA drop or two of Centered Blend rubbed in your palms with a deep inhalation is an excellent way to ground yourself and quiet the mind. Use as often as needed.

Other Ways to Use Centered Essential Oil Blend

  • Add 10-20 drops of Centered Blend to your aromatherapy diffuser. This blend is ideal for homes, offices, yoga studios and healing spaces. It will keep yourself, guests and family feeling peacefully supported and clear minded.
  • We highly recommend Centered Blend to be used daily in times of transition or new endeavors.
  • Also great in an aromatic bath or simple vapor/steam therapy.

Safety Considerations for Centered Essential Oil Blend

Non toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing. Do not take internally.

Bottle Size: 1/2 oz

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16 reviews

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So good


A friend first gave me Centered as a gift and I have gone onto purchase it again. I keep it in my makeup bag in mu purse, and when I get overwhelmed, or just need to give myself some mental space for creativity, I take it out inhale deeply and often feel refreshed, with an uptick in mental clarity.

Love it!


I use this in my Yoga studio, the students absolutely love the fragrance, thank you Floracopeia!

My Go-To


This is my go to, I immediately calm and ‘center’ perfect name. I carry this one with me.

A Must Have!!


This blend is my touchstone, I use it daily for before yoga & meditation, and I diffuse it often, whenever I feel the need for it's grounding, and yes, centering, properties. It combines two of my favorite oils, both signature Floracopeia products: Palo Santo and Lavender Kashmir. I am such a fan of each of these oils on their own, but the combination is absolutely OTT! Truly a must for all households!

Calming and Grounding! Love


Perfect combination of lavender and Palo Santo. Calming and grounding!

Just Love This Blend


Centered essential oils brighten up our house and day/nights! I love to mix with Tulsi which gives a more warm/spice scented diffusion. It definitely perks up our house and brings a better mood overall. I am excited to see how they all work over the winter / cold / flu season!

Use it daily!


It’s great to keep in my purse and use throughout the day. Great perfect!

Great oil!


Like to distill this one and place some drops in candle diffuser too.



I got this for a very anxious client and he LOVES it. Great combo.

Great for focusing


I use this when I have big projects at home and need to settle and focus



I use it daily to help with getting grounded and feeling calmer. Great for diffusing, putting on bottom of feet, in bath and inhaling from cupped palms.



Calming; I love diffusing this oil when I want to just chill. I've also used it in an inhaler so it is available when I'm working.

Love it!


Beautifully crafted, unique blend for my diffuser for night use or in my office during the day.



Helps me get back to center.

So calming!


This formula helps me to focus on meditation, projects and keeps my mind from skipping to thought tangents; just a drop on my hair or a few drops in a diffuser allows me to be productive physically and mentally and thus is calming to me.



Extremely Helpful for relaxation, anxiety offset, restoring Balance. Seems to offset excessive Pitta.