Centered Collection

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In moments of overwhelm or overstimulation, this collection provides the grounding power you need to calm your mind and focus your intention.


About the Centered Collection

In moments of overwhelm or overstimulation, this collection provides the grounding power you need to calm your mind and focus your intention.

  • About Centered Essential Oil Blend (15 ML.) This remarkable, aromatically splendid blend that can be enjoyed by all members of the family. The depth of palo santo clears the mind as the sweet lavender creates a calm and cool, peaceful space for your dreams to manifest. Ingredients: Palo Santo and Lavender Kashmir. 
  • About Vetiver Essential Oil (15 ML.). Deeply calming, balancing and restorative, Vetiver is “The fragrance of the soil”. Its sweet, rooty, deeply relaxing aroma, which is reminiscent of woods and marshlands, is grounding, cooling and nourishing. 
  • About Female Balance Essential Oil Blend Roll-On (15 ML). This luxuriously floral aroma promotes balance, vitality and radiance, supporting women during their moon cycle and beyond. Ingredients: Lavender, Clary sage, Jamrosa, and Jasmine.

How to Use the Centered Collection

  • Female Balance Roll-On: 
    • Direct Palm Inhalation: For an immediate effect, you can use Female Balance roll-on throughout the day as needed using direct palm inhalation. Apply the bottle across the palms a few swipes side to side, rub palms together and take 2-3 deep breaths into the hands. Also, you can apply a few swipes to your wrists and rub together to continue to experience the benefit.
    • One Minute Massage: Most can benefit from some added self-pampering, and taking time out to give yourself a short aromatic massage can be very impactful. Roll the bottle across the palms several times to apply a good bit of product, rub palms together, and massage the back of neck and shoulders for an instant shift. The jojoba will leave your skin softened and the essential oil blend will restore feminine energies.
    • Massage Oil: Use Female Balance roll-on in your daily massage oil which will help promote comfort and relief throughout the moon cycle. To do this, roll the stainless steel ball across your palms a few times and then add a pump of your massage oil, massage and repeat until your body is thoroughly covered.
    • Aromatic Bath: Right before soaking in a warm bath, swipe Female Balance roll-on to your wrists a few times and rub together. The oils will diffuse in the bathwater and stimulate your senses.
  • Vetiver Essential Oil: Though vetiver can be diffused, its syrupy, sticky consistency can cause clogging in some diffusers. Vetiver can, however, be premixed with thinner oils and then diffused.
    • Massage or Perfume Oil: The deliciously rich, sensuous and earthy aroma of vetiver is one of nature’s most attractive perfumes. Being a very strong base note, vetiver can easily overtake other oils. For perfumery fixative purposes, when combining oils it is recommended to limit vetiver to 5% of the total essential oil content. This oil is also extremely tenacious; one drop of vetiver can linger on the skin for many days.
    • To sooth and support hot, red or dry skin, add a drop of vetiver oil to your favorite chemical-free, unscented face or body cream or oil.
    • To reduce the heated effects of too much sun, add two drops of vetiver oil to tepid bath water and soak, or apply (diluted) onto skin for a cooling effect.
  • Centered Essential Oil Blend: Use via direct palm inhalation, in the diffuser, as a room spray or in an aromatic bath or steam/vapor therapy.

Safety considerations for the Centered Collection

Non toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing. Do not take internally.

Use vetiver with caution during pregnancy (small amounts, diluted).

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