David Crow, Founder

David Crow, Floracopeia’s pioneering leader and founder, is one of the world’s leading experts and speakers in the field of botanical medicine and grassroots healthcare.

A master herbalist, aromatherapist, acupuncturist, and author with over 30 years of experience, David is an expert in the Ayurvedic and Chinese medical systems.

While studying in the Himalayas years ago, David saw the region’s widespread ecological destruction firsthand — including the heartbreaking loss of medicinal plants the ancient medical systems depended on.

He saw how medicinal plants were essential to solving many interrelated global problems — including lack of healthcare, poverty, environmental destruction, and loss of ethnobotanical knowledge.

David was soon inspired to create Floracopeia — to do his part to spread the word about powerful botanical medicines and products, all while making the world more beautiful.

David’s experience includes:

  • Graduating from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine 
  • Launching his clinical acupuncture and herbology practice
  • Traveling to Nepal in for a series of internships with masters of ancient Ayurvedic and Tibetan medicine
  • Presenting his vision of grassroots healthcare, preservation of botanical medicines, and the use of plants for ecological restoration to hundreds of audiences
  • Participating in a panel discussion featuring the Dalai Lama, broadcast internationally to millions of viewers
  • Giving numerous keynote speeches and teaching at conferences and colleges of naturopathic, Chinese, and Ayurvedic medicine
  • Authoring several books published in numerous languages and writing widely published articles
  • Promoting the creation of a grassroots healthcare system based on community gardens through writing, teaching, and activism

Through his visionary synthesis of medicine, ecology, and spirituality, David has helped transform the lives of thousands.

Consultations with David Crow