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FlorAlchemy Flower Essence Blends Collection

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The FlorAlchemy Flower Essence Blends Collection includes 8 FlorAlchemy Flower Essence Blends.


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About the FlorAlchemy Flower Essence Blends Collection

Flowers have been used since ancient times to speed healing. The Essences from Flowers work deeply and gracefully to release and resolve many types of emotional and mental stress, discomfort and suffering.

Likewise, many find flower essences to have a strong solution-based orientation for trying times filled with: sadness, apathy, restlessness, confusion & feelings of internal pressure and stress. We are please to announce the new FlorAlchemy Flower Essence Combinations. These easy to take remedies help us gracefully navigate the many stressors in life and aid inner transformation, relaxation, strength & peace.

The FlorAlchemy Flower Essence Blends Collection includes one full-sized bottle of each FlorAlchemy Flower Essence Blend:

  • Stress Relief: A relaxing and soothing floral blend. Can be used to support the healing of daily or chronic stress
  • Inner Judge: Assists healing of guilt, shame, self-criticism and blame
  • Trauma Repair: Assists to stabilize, soothe and clear emotional trauma
  • Mind Ease: Addresses negative mental states, confusion and repetitive thoughts
  • Empowerment: Flowers that boost inner confidence, strength and will
  • Renewal: Floral support for a new beginning
  • Cellular Harmony: Floral support to optimize cellular well-being and intelligence
  • Flower Fortress: Protective flowers that ward against disruptive & disharmonious forces. Support for those living in urban environments & those exposed to electromagnetic pollution

Perfect for gifting! This collection arrives in two gift boxes.

*Please note: Flower essences are scentless and odorless, and, therefore, distinct from essential oils.

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