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You’ll do your best work and have your deepest thoughts with The Focus Collection. This powerful lineup is a must-have to keep beside your desk, in your artist’s studio or work station.


About the Focus Collection

Create an environment that nurtures your creativity and concentration. Keep this collection close at hand throughout the day, especially after lunch or during the late afternoon when mental focus tends to diminish.

  • About Focus Blend Essential Oil (10 ML). This supportive blend sharpens mental focus and allows your maximum creativity and productivity to emerge. Use in the diffuser while studying or working. Ingredients: Lavender, Rosemary, Peppermint, Tulsi, and Melissa. 
  • About Spirit Blend Roll-On (15 ML). The perfect fusion of oils to support emotional balance, assist a meditation or yoga practice, and stimulate spiritual moods. Ingredients: Palo Santo, Frankincense and Sandalwood. 
  • About Hojari Frankincense Resin (50 grams). This popular frankincense variety, revered as the resin for kings, is incredibly uplifting and sweet.

How to Use the Focus Collection

  • Spirit Blend Roll-On: 
    • Direct Palm Inhalation: For an immediate effect, you can use Spirit roll-on throughout the day as needed using direct palm inhalation. Apply the bottle across the palms a few swipes side to side, rub palms together and take 2-3 deep breaths into the hands. Also, you can apply a few swipes to your wrists and rub together to continue to experience the benefit.
    • One Minute Massage: Most can benefit from some added self-pampering, and taking time out to give yourself a short aromatic massage can be very impactful. Roll the bottle across the palms several times to apply a good bit of product, rub palms together, and massage the back of neck and shoulders for an instant shift. The jojoba will leave your skin softened and the essential oil blend will enhance your spiritual endeavors.
    • Massage Oil: Use Spirit roll-on in your daily massage oil to enhance your connection to the divine. To do this, roll the stainless steel ball across your palms a few times and then add a pump of your massage oil, massage and repeat until your body is thoroughly covered.
    • Aromatic Bath: Right before soaking in a warm bath, swipe Spirit roll-on to your wrists a few times and rub together. The oils will diffuse in the bathwater and stimulate your senses.
    • Other Uses Include: use a small amount to perfume the ends of the hair (as a styling aid or moisturizer) and experience the benefits of the blend throughout the day.
  • Hojari Frankincense Resin: Burn this resin in a traditional bowl burner using charcoal and ash, or in an electric incense burner.
  • Focus Essential Oil Blend: 
    • In the Diffuser: Put several drops of this best-selling blend into your diffuser whenever your or your team can benefit from a clarified and centered environment. Diffuse it in the lobby of your studio or office to greet your team with a crisp and refreshing scent.
    • Direct Palm Inhalation: A drop or two of Focus Blend rubbed together in the palms with a deep inhalation is an excellent way to bring about a sharpened mental state. You will find yourself refreshed, clarified and centered.
    • Room Spray: Add several drops to a fine mist spray bottle and fill with purified water. Keep this next to your desk and spray freely to give yourself a mental boost. This is a great tool for writer’s block or whenever you need to create a shift in your workspace.

Safety Considerations for the Focus Collection

Non toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing. Do not take focus or spirit internally.

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