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Forest Essential Oil Blend

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Forest Blend brings the fragrance of the forest into your home, purifying the air with the power of the great conifers.

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About Forest Essential Oil Blend

Floracopeia's Forest essential oil blend is filled with the fresh coniferous notes of silver fir oil, pine essential oil, pinon pine essential oil, and spruce oil, with a hint of earthy spice from angelica root oil. As the trees purify the air we breath, removing pollutants and exhaling fresh air, they do the same for your living space. By diffusing Forest Blend you will find yourself surrounded by stimulating freshness enlivening your home, body and mind. This diffuser blend can be used effectively for atmospheric purification, try diffusing during the challenging winter months. Use this blend in your diffuser to help promote the spirit of the Winter Holidays.

How to Use Forest Essential Oil Blend

  • In the Diffuser: During the winter months, this is a great blend to keep running all day to promote winter wellness for the entire family or office. Diffuse Forest Blend during the heat as well to fill the air with the coolness of the conifers, you just may feel transported to the top of a brisk mountain!

Other Ways to Use Forest Essential Oil Blend

  • If you find yourself without your diffuser, add a few drops to a tissue and place next to you to experience the benefits.
  • You can also add Forest blend to a fine mist spray bottle and fill with pure water, spritz freely around yourself or in your car to freshen the air and clear your head.

Safety Considerations for Forest Essential Oil Blend

Non toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing. Do not take this blend internally.

Bottle Size: 1/2 oz

Interesting Forest Essential Oil Blend Information

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If you're pining for the forest...


I bought the tester size first because this is quite pricey. Glad I did. I really love this blend. For me, it reminded me of walking in a pine forest after a good rain storm. If you are missing that feeling of being in the mountains and breathing clean fresh air, you will also like this blend.

Floracopeia's Response:

Thanks for trying our Forest Blend, Ava, and for sharing your review. This blend has been one of our favorites for a long time and we believe its a staple to have in your home collection. We are so pleased you gave it a try and love your description.

Take the plunge!

by -

I agree with Ava...this is my go to oil to diffuse when I want the forest to come to me. I have ordered this one in multiples and many times over the last several years. I truly hope anyone reading this will take the plunge and add this oil to your collection. You won’t be disappointed.

Floracopeia's Response:

Thank you for your review, Terry! We are thrilled that you have enjoyed our Forest Essential Oil Blend so much! We appreciate your recommendation to others, as well.



Best Forest blend I've used ... makes my bathroom refreshed all day!!! I will continually buy this!!

I use this daily! LOVE IT


Like walking in an evergreen wood. Great scent for lungs. I use it daily in my diffuser! This one should have 5 stars!

High Quality


This oil makes me feel like I'm deep in a mystical forest. These are such high quality oils.



Number one oil in the diffuser, brings a sense of peace and calm, especially during fire season in Western US.

Highly recommend! AMAZING!


This is one of the most perfect and harmonious EO blends I have ever tried. I hike in a the woods first thing in the morning, several times a week, a dab of this oil on the palms never fails to greatly enhance my experience (and hiking companions as well) immediately making the sense of connection with the woods more clear and revealing, calming the chattering mind and helping to ground and increase the sense of great gratitude and wonder.

Love this blend!


I love this blend. It's the best of all the evergreens, like going forest bathing in the best forest ever.

So Relaxing


Forest relaxes me, and makes me grounded and at home.



Used in draft doggies..wonderful uplifting

Love this


I love this to help open airways, in a gentler way then with the more minty oils. It also freshens the air a lot. Great product. I personally like to add the relax blend with the forest blend for a beautiful combination!

My favorite blend!


Floracopeia's Forest Blend Essential Oil transports me to the woods on a warm day. As I breathe in the scent I envision a high canopy of conifers framing the sun beaming from a blue sky. I recommend this blend for gloomy days or when you are stuck inside.

My go-to blend!


The Forest has become one of my go-to blends for purifying a space and refreshing my mood. It is an exquisite blend and the next best thing to being in conifer forest. I add a drop of Sweet Basil in my diffuser with Forest for an unmatched aroma.

Absolute Favorite


My absolute favorite, especially in winter. It is so comforting, nurturing to the spirit, stress-relieving and wellness promoting.

amazing soothing powers


Soothing and refreshing subtle but deep forest aromas The Angelica makes it different than any other fir blends I've tried and adds depth, breadth and healing powers.

A go-to of mine!


my go to for the diffuser. brings the serenity of the woods into my home




Great Blend!


Refreshing, uplifting, clearing, grounding. Light yet solid. Useful for so many applications and great in combination with other single oils for wellness support.

adore the scent


Love the smell of the earth and pine

Another amazing floracopeia product!


Grounding yet elevating. Well rounded and purifying. The Angelica is inviting and intoxicating. All of the Floracopeias oils are superb and of high quality. I an quick to recommend to my tribe. Thank you for your heart and purity. Selah.