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Floracopeia is pleased to announce a unique new botanical product: tincture of frankincense, the resin of Boswellia sacra. This powerful tincture can be taken internally for a wide range of health promoting benefits, as well as used externally.


About Frankincense Tincture

Floracopeia’s frankincense tincture is a modern extract of an ancient botanical medicine that has numerous benefits. Please be aware that this tincture is extremely potent, and should be used internally only in the recommended small doses. It is best when combined with other herbal teas or tinctures to support the functions of the frankincense for specific health concerns.

We recommend that if you want to use this tincture for a challenging health condition that you do it under the guidance of David Crow, L.Ac, at Excessive intake of this tincture at doses, frequency or duration that are too high, may cause various adverse reactions such as intestinal irritation. This tincture is in the category of a clinical level herbal product.

How To Use Frankincense Tincture

rankincense tincture is far more concentrated than the powdered resin found in traditional formulas for internal use. Dosage and frequency are very important to get maximum benefits and avoid any potential discomfort.

Frankincense tincture can be taken for numerous purposes, including:

  • Used as a bitter stimulant for digestive stagnation
  • Used as a digestive antimicrobial for intestinal infections
  • Used as a respiratory antimicrobial and expectorant
  • Used as a circulatory enhancer
  • Used for speeding healing of wounds and bruises
  • Used for treating various skin conditions
  • Used for dental problems and oral hygiene

Frankincense tincture is best used combined with other herbs in tea or tincture form to enhance its function in each of the above applications.

Dosages and Uses of Frankincense Tincture

Internal use:
5 drops in 1/2 cup water or tea, 2 – 3x day before meals, as single tincture or combined into formulas

Oral hygiene:
5 drops in small amount of water for mouthwash; can be swallowed
5 – 10 drops in small amount of oil such as sesame for oil pulling, mouth wash; do not swallow

5 – 10 drops per ¼ cup carrier oil for external applications; can be combined with other tinctures and/or essential oils for musculoskeletal problems

apply 5-15 drops on bath for full body application and aromatherapy purposes

Traditional Uses of Frankincense Resin

Frankincense resin has thousands of years of use as a major botanical medicine. It has been used in powder form combined with other herbs for oral administration, infused into carrier oils for topical applications, used as incense and for fumigation, used in poultices and plasters, infused into water preparations for drinking, chewed for dental and digestive purposes and many others.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, frankincense resin is found in herbal formulas that are taken orally as well as in medicated oils and plasters for topical uses. It is classified as a substance that invigorates the blood, with a bitter and pungent flavor and a warming temperature.

Because of its circulation enhancing properties, the resin is used internally and externally for pain that is associated with poor circulation, such as bruising from soft tissue injuries. It is also an important ingredient in formulas for treating arthritic and rheumatic conditions with symptoms of rigidity and spasms in the musculoskeletal system, both internally and externally. Topically it is used to reduce swelling, alleviate pain and promote healing of traumatic injuries, and sores from various infections.

One of its traditional uses as a resin is chewed for its antimicrobial powers, and used for inflammation and infections of the mouth, throat, and gums. It is also infused in water to make a milky emulsion, which is consumed in small amounts for improving circulation in general, and specifically cerebral circulation for supporting memory and learning.

For more information, please see the extensive article written by David Crow titled “Frankincense.”

About Frankincense Essential Oil

The essential oil of frankincense also has a multitude of health promoting benefits, including respiratory immune protection, wound healing, topical anti-inflammatory for the musculoskeletal system, and many others; it is one of the world’s most popular and widely used essential oils. The essential oil cannot be taken internally because of its concentration and potential toxicity, but it is found in the tincture extract. Frankincense tincture can be used for many of the same concerns as frankincense essential oil, but more safely.

Warnings and Contraindications for Frankincense Tincture:

Do not take frankincense tincture if you are pregnant or nursing.

Do not take the tincture internally for extended periods of time; it is best taken for a maximum of two weeks and then take two to four weeks off. Internal use of the tincture at higher dosages may cause gastric or intestinal irritation.

Frankincense tincture for mouthwash and topical uses are very safe and simple; for chronic or complex conditions use frankincense tincture under the guidance of a qualified herbalist.

Ingredients and Preparation Method:

Origin: wild harvested Boswellia sacra resin, Somalia
Extracting method: alcohol decoction
1:3 herb to menstruum ratio
Organic cane alcohol 50%, purified water

The frankincense resin is weighed into 190 proof cane alcohol in closed loop temperature regulated cooking vessels. A multiple step cooking process takes place holding the alcohol temperature right below a boiling temperature of 173F. The closed loop system does not allow any evaporation, and since pure alcohol is used for the extraction, the essential oil content of the resin stays preserved in the alcohol. The alcohol extract is cooled to room temperature prior to transferring into the final mix step to be proofed down with the water as to further keep the oils intact from evaporation.

Bottle Size: 2 oz

Bottle Size:
2 oz
Shake for 10 seconds if solid materials begin to settle.
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