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Gardenia Agarwood Attar Roll-On

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A sensual and complex floral perfume. Organic gardenia flowers and mystical agarwoods infused into sustainable sandalwood oil.

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Gardenia Agarwood Attar Perfume Roll-On

Made from organic gardenia flowers extracted using traditional enfleurage method, infused into sustainably harvested Australian sandalwood oil, with the addition of a diverse collection of agarwood oils from around the world.

Organic gardenia flowers have been extracted using the old traditional method of enfleurage, placing the flowers on sheets of glass and pressing them slowly into a base of sustainably grown organic palm oil. This enfluerage is then infused into Australian sandalwood oil; the oil is distilled from trees that are sustainably harvested by aboriginal tribes from their ancestral lands, with the proceeds supporting community development. Finally, a small amount of various rare agarwood oils are added, just enough to bring out the full bouquet of the gardenia flowers.

Similar to champa, this attar has an intensely sweet nectar fragrance. It is richly floral at first, but light and ephemeral and rapidly melds on the skin to produce its individualized fragrance. Being free of all synthetic perfume ingredients, regular applications throughout the day add richness of aroma.

Ingredients:Sustainably harvested essential oils of Australian sandalwood and Thai agarwood infused with superior grade extract of organic gardenia flowers. Housed in a violet glass roll-on bottle with a glass applicator ball.

How to Use Gardenia Agarwood Attar Roll-On

Swipe over pulse points as desired.

Safety Considerations for Gardenia Agarwood Attar Roll-On

Gardenia Agarwood Attar is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing. Avoid use near eyes. Do not ingest infused perfume. Keep out of children's reach. If you are pregnant or nursing, consult your healthcare professional before using essential oil products. The information on this website is not intended to diagnose or prescribe for any disease or health condition.

Bottle Size: 5 mL

About the Floracopeia Perfume Collection

We are pleased to house our perfume collection within elegant violet glass roll-on bottles. These glass beauties protect the vital energy of the botanicals within by blocking all UV rays except for violet. The violet rays preserve the perfume’s inherent potency and shelf stability.

Our violet glass roll-on perfume bottles are a pleasure to use. Housed within violet glass, are our signature perfumes ready to be carried all day and night. Travels and stores easily via purse, desk, gym bag, or pocket on an evening out. They are a perfect gift for someone you adore. Whenever the mood strikes, simply roll over your pulse points and dive into sublime fragrance.

Floracopeia’s botanical perfumes are made with organic jojoba oil and essential oils or absolutes, never synthetics or fillers. Now is the time to swap out expensive chemical and synthetic-laden perfumes for pure botanical fragrances that enhance wellbeing and joy.

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Technology Specialist


This is a lot more woody on me than I expected, which I actually like a lot! It smells like rich woods, mixed the the faint aroma of Gardenia, but the Gardenia itself is not floral on me - the Gardenia itself even got an essence of rich woodyness that I am fond of. Really beautiful and rich scent!! :)

In love


I love all the attars that Floracopeia offers, so I was very excited to see an Gardenia Attar was being offered. The floral and woody notes in the attar oils are what I tend to gravitate towards. Indeed, as the day progresses the reapplication does increase the aroma layers, which are just pleasant to inhale increasing the spiritual effect that I find the attars have for me. Thank you Floracopeia! I am a devoted customer and am glad that you are around.



I ordered the tester to give this a try without a full commitment. I love gardenia flowers (I have a small tree) and so was excited about this find. When I first received the oil I was a bit put off by the intensity of the aroma, but I knew it would change once I put it on my skin. And I have to say that it melded into my skin beautifully and had a wonderful heart opening effect.

Very uplifting!


Heavenly and exotic; uplifting for this Southern girl who grew up loving Gardenias. Represents the new beginnings of Spring and hope.



Looking for a fragrance; I was intrigued with Gardenia; while it was a bit more woody than I thought it would be; I do like it. I hope to continue to explore other up and coming fragrances