Golden Beauty Body Crème

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Silky full body moisture. Luscious plant butters, essential oils, and herbs for advanced hydration and renewal.


About Golden Beauty Body Crème

Reveal your skin’s inner beauty and innate glow. Behold nourishing skin food for your whole body, Golden Beauty Body Crème delivers gorgeous, quick-absorbing moisture. A talented synergy of botanical butters, flowers, roots, herbs and essential oils effectively transform rough and dull areas into softness and radiance.

This intoxicating beauty will become your go-to for instant hydration. Apply it after a shower while skin is damp, or mid-day to the hands, arms or legs for a deserved moment of self-love. The divine aromatherapeutic fragrance of this body crème is charming and decadent, yet light enough to layer under your signature scent. You'll be thoroughly enchanted by exotic vanilla, wild frankincense, Moroccan neroli, and Corsican helichrysum.

Golden Beauty Body Crème offers high-performance rejuvenation and radiance to your skin. Throughout the seasons, powerhouse botanicals like Immortelle (helichrysum italicum) protect and heal the skin at a deep level. In the drying winter cold or the heat of summer, smooth on the nutrients your skin needs to heal from stress and stay supple.

Golden Beauty Body Crème is formulated to stand out among other body lotions: this crème has no chemical preservatives or emulsifiers. Rich and nourishing plant butters deliver lasting moisture and rapid absorption. Unlike body oils, if you are in a pinch for time, you can hop out of the shower, apply this silky treasure, throw on your clothes, and go.

The divine fragrance of Golden Beauty Body Crème is alluring and decadent, sacred and romantic, and thoroughly delicious. Its aromatherapy benefits are joy, elevation, and a deep connection to your goals and intentions. For an affirming daily beauty ritual, pause to breathe deeply and enjoy the grounded simplicity of truly nurturing self-care.

Ingredients: Aloe vera*, maracuja*, pequi*, buriti*, pracaxi*, ucuúba*, kokum*, Ecocert Certified emulsifying wax (Cetearyl alcohol and Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate), non-GMO fermented sunflower lecithin, coconut glycerin, aspen, turmeric, rosemary, willow bark, black currant, mountain ash, radish root filtrate, vanilla*, frankincense*, neroli*, Wildcrafted and organic Corsican Helichrysum italicum, mandarin*.

How to Use Golden Beauty Body Crème

Apply to entire body to aid skin rejuvenation and radiance. To lock in lasting moisture, apply to slightly damp skin after a shower or bath. Take an extra minute to massage into dry areas such as knees and elbows. After exposure to the elements, smooth in to soothe and hydrate.

Product Details

  • Cultivation/Harvesting: Wildcrafted, Organic
  • Color: Rich, pale yellow
  • Consistency: Crème/body butter
  • Bottle Size: 100ml

Product Care:

Our facial and body cremes are shelf stable at room temperature and should not be exposed to excess heat. Refrigeration will help extend shelf life and is recommended in hotter climates. If stored at temperatures over 65 degrees Fahrenheit, separation may occur and quality may decline. These are artisanal products that are free of chemical preservatives and emulsifiers. If separation has occurred during transport, simply stir and refrigerate.

About Our Immortelle Skincare:

For Advanced Skin Rejuvenation
Our Immortelle skincare is adorned with the rare and powerful wild Helichrysum italicum, a golden flower from Corsica, that's unparalleled in its ability to heal the skin. We recommend our Immortelle skincare line for advanced skin rejuvenation at any age. It heals and balances all skin types. It generates collagen and elastin production and addresses all the common signs of skin decline to visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles, firm and rejuvenate your complexion.

Golden Beauty Body Crème 100ml

Bottle Size:
100 mL
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