Helichrysum Essential Oil, Corsican, Wild Harvested

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Paramount among all healing oils is Helichrysum italicum, also known as Everlasting and Immortelle. This wild, rare variety is precious.


About Helichrysum Essential Oil

Helichrysum is cosmetically and therapeutically unparalleled in its ability to support cell regeneration and tissue healing. The go-to oil for skin beautifying and restorative serums, helichrysum is potent, safe, and exceptionally effective. This extraordinary distillation, with its rich, herbaceous, honey-like bouquet is harvested from the sunny Mediterranean hillsides and is equally suitable for both therapeutic applications as well as perfume blending.

Traditionally known as "Immortelle," this oil has recently gained global fame for its profound healing effect on aging, wrinkled, and wounded skin, helichrysum oil receives innumerable testimonials to its unsurpassed healing power.

So highly do we regard this oil that David and Sara Crow journeyed all the way to Corsica to search out and bring back the best quality of helichrysum in the world: hand-harvested from helichrysum growing wild in Corsica's pristine southern mountains.

Bottle Size: 1 dram

Which Helichrysum Oil is Best for Me?

Floracopeia is proud to offer a large selection of the highest quality Helichrysum oils sourced from diverse locations and distillers. All of the helichrysum oils can be used interchangeably as they all have very similar therapeutic functions; they can also be blended together.


Watch David Crow on helichrysum oil's unparalleled benefits, spirit, and use for emotional healing:

Helichrysum italicum, Wild, Corsica- dram

Bottle Size:
One dram (3.75mL)
Latin Name:
Helichrysum italicum
Country of Origin:
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