Legends Hand Spray

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We sourced the highest-quality essential ingredients to create Legends, our proprietary blend based on the aromatic vinegar brews used throughout the ages.  

Take this convenient aromatic spray with you wherever you go to bring this timeless formula for protection into your daily routine.

About Legends Hand Spray

Our signature, proprietary Floracopeia Legends essential oil blend is a historically accurate version of a recipe known as "Thieves' Vinegar" once used for protection and good health in the middle ages.

Now in spray form, with a solution that features 60% alcohol and other skin-friendly ingredients, it's perfect to take with you to stay fresh and clean on the go.

Keep this aromatic spray with you throughout the day to gently support your immune system and create community wellness.

How to Use Legends Hand Spray

Generously mist your hands throughout the day to stay hydrated, clean, refreshed and protected.


Organic pure cane sugar alcohol, organic aloe vera gel, colloidal silver, organic palm-free certified non-GMO vegetable glycerin, organic & wild harvested essential oils of clove, rosemary, lavender, thyme, basil, white sage and mint.

Bottle size: 2 oz.

This Legends Hand Spray, full of high-quality ingredients for effective hygiene practices, smells amazing while keeping your skin soft, too...
Our proprietary formula includes 60% organic cane sugar alcohol, along with other classic skin-soothing botanicals...

We sourced these timeless essential ingredients to create our own signature formula, based on the aromatic vinegar brews that have been used throughout the ages.  Now you can stay clean, fresh and protected with our signature hand spray.
Legends Hand Spray, Organic, 2oz

Bottle Size:
2 oz
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